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Best Wedding Styling and Floral Tips For Your One Fine Day

By Katie Stow

Wedding stylists are often the unsung heroes of the wedding world. Responsible for nailing the look and feel of your wedding day, stylists have the all-important vision and the ability to execute perfection, all while dealing with the annoying conversations with venues, external vendors and chasing up details on your behalf. In layman’s terms, they take all the ugly, stressful and frustrating parts of wedding planning and magically transform all of that into a breathtakingly beautiful day.

To familiarise you with wedding styling, we’ve spoken to an expert in the field: Lucy from Styled By Varu – a gorgeous Melbourne-based bespoke wedding stylist with gallons of experience. Here she breaks down the things you probably didn’t know about wedding styling and how to not make a mistake so many other couples have done in the past: Separating your styling and florals to be handled by two different teams.

What should couples know about wedding styling before they start planning?

Though this may be unknown, wedding styling isn’t simply just flowers and candles. It’s more about bringing the whole picture together by nailing the tiniest details that matter to the couple – even if they didn’t know they need it until they see it all come to life.

Lucy from Styled By Varu explains, “Wedding styling is as important as your celebrant or photographer, as we are the ones that will create the look and feel that you are wanting for your day. We will set the scene and ensure your vision comes to life, from start to finish.”

It’s also a massive stress relief handing all of this wedding styling management over to the pros, so you can be sure that everything is going to be considered, planned, accounted for and look damn good – all while you don’t have to lift a finger!

wedding stylist australia

Image by Javelee

wedding stylist australia

Image by Javelee

What should couples know about wedding flowers before they start planning?

First things first, flowers are expensive and it takes a lot of labour to create a wedding full of stunning fresh flowers, so you need to allow for these costs within your budget. (If you need help with budgeting for your big day, head here). One top tip from Lucy is, “If you are really set on having a particular seasonal flower, then you really should look to set your date for that season”.

“Wedding Flowers make the wedding. They really complete the look of the wedding, if there is a theme or not.”

What is the biggest misconception about wedding stylists?

“The biggest misconception for us, is that clients think we only do the styling. In fact, we offer the full package, which includes not only your wedding styling, but your wedding planning and on the day assistance. We can oversee the entire process and event – from start to finish. We can be that one person that knows your wedding and what you want, as well as the couple does, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that your wedding planning and the big day is exactly how you have envisioned it.”

In short, wedding stylists like Styled by Varu have the ability to take all the wedding stress off your shoulders and make the big day come alive! They will directly organise with the venue, build out initial concepts, visit your chosen venue and liaise with everyone along the way, offering ideas on how to best to utilise your budget. Obviously the couple are in the driving seat and will make the final call on everything, but trust us when we say that being presented with the options is so much easier than trying to pull plans out of thin air yourself.

wedding stylist melbourne

Image by Javlee

Image by Javelee

What are the benefits of pairing your wedding styling and florals?

Hands-down the biggest advantage is that you will have a consistent look that flows right through your day. “If we do both the flowers and all the other styling elements, we can ensure everything ties in and your theming is spot on,” explains Lucy. “Flowers and Styling work hand in hand with each other. We have paired the businesses to basically become either a one-stop-shop or people can have just the floral side of our brand, if it’s not in their budget for a stylist too.”

What sort of packages do you offer with Styled By Varu?

Lucy explains that there are three key packages for couples planning their wedding and these include:

Wedding Planning // Where we take the lead and make all the decisions for the couple within the budget they give us and make their wedding day come alive.

Wedding Styling // This is our most popular package, where we design the look and feel of the wedding, work with the couples budget, and give the couple the final decision on where they would like their budget spent.

Wedding Flowers // This is where we give the couple the unique Varu-look and feel with just our flowers.

wedding stylist australia

Image by Javelee

wedding stylist melbourne

Image by Javelee

What sort of budget should our couples reserve for booking Styled By Varu?

“Budgets don’t have to be HUGE, but they need to be reasonable for us to be able to do what we need to do.” To find out the minimum styling package costs to have Styled By Varu work on your wedding, head here.


Time for some expert advice on wedding styling:

“The lead up to your wedding should be as enjoyable and stress free as possible. We have a dedicated team who LOVE what they do. We push ourselves to not have any two weddings the same and with our need to please, can proudly say that you’re in the best hands with us. We can assure you that the Styled By Varu team will create and pull off your dream day, while you enjoy spending time with your loved ones, getting pampered and just taking it all in. We just can’t wait to see the look on your faces when you say ‘I do’!”

If you’re interested in getting to know Styled By Varu a little better, or have any questions for the team about how they can bring your wedding day to life, then please head here to start those very exciting conversations.

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