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A Day In The Life Of A Wedding Photographer

By Katie Stow
Day In The Life Of A Wedding Photographer

On your own wedding day you’ll definitely be a rather busy bride, running round saying hello to everyone, eating, drinking and, you know, actually getting married. But have you ever wondered what a wedding photographer gets up to during the big day?

For this deep dive, we interviewed the phenomenal Hello Ro Photography, who are a Canberra-based photographer that snap couples all over the world. They let us know exactly what a wedding photographer gets up to pre-wedding, as well as all the task they tick off while you’re getting hitched and how quickly you can get your wedding photos after your big day.


When you first meet with your wedding photographer…

I usually touch base with my couples around 6 weeks out from the wedding this is far enough out that we can work together to create a vision and I want to make sure their vision happens! I make sure I know exactly what the couple wants captured. I want know how they’re going, what their plans are for the day, their top three must-have shots, who should be in the shots – do you want Aunt Dot or Uncle Trev or should it just be close immediate family?

The roles you need to define on your wedding day…

I also get the couple to assign a person from each side of the bridal party as runners – this is usually a bridesmaid or groomsman and these beautiful people hunt down the people needed in the shot so if Uncle Trev has already hit the bar and is downing a pint – someone is there to ensure he gets in the photo before he goes completely rogue!

Do wedding photographers get involved with wedding budgets?

I usually work with the clients and try to give them a solution that will work with their vision and their wallet, I want everyone even with a smaller budget to make their dreams come true so I’m very aware of making my packages accessible to everyone.

How does the wedding photographer figure out the couple’s style?

I usually like to get a feel for what the couple likes via their own social media and by getting to know them myself. I often send my couples a questionnaire so that I have something to refer to and make sure nothing is missed!

How often does a wedding photographer meet with the couple pre-wedding?

This depends on the couple and the package and the location of the wedding. This might be a couple of phone chats or a few emails or a coffee it just depends on the needs of the couple and what works for everyone.


6am // Wake up and instantly check messages to make sure there have been no last-minute dramas.

6:30am // Make a Ceremonial Cacao and sit cross legged on the floor drinking in the silence before the big day. I like to be super calm and centred amongst the chaos of a wedding.

7am // Read over my shotlists and write any massive must shots on the inside of my forearm – I hardly ever look at these notes but somehow it helps me remember!

7:30am // Look over my camera gear to ensure everything is prepped and ready.

8am // Jump in the shower and get ready.

8:30am // Head to the Bride’s location to get some “morning of” shots.

10am // Head over to where the grooms are getting ready and grab a few shots of the boys having some laughs.

11am // Head back to the Bride’s for some final getting ready shots before she heads down the aisle.

12 noon // Capture the bride reveal just a little intimate moment between the Bride and Groom I love seeing the couples faces the first time they see their partner on the day!

1pm // Hustle to the ceremony venue to take some photos of the guests arriving and the groom and groomsmen waiting impatiently for the bride.

1:30pm // It’s go time! I love capturing the faces of the amazing humans who made the couple who they are today – so much love here!

2:30pm // Some post ceremony photos with close family and the bridal party these shots are so fun I like to keep things very candid editorial style and give the groups different activities that make for beautiful imagery!

3pm // Some couple shots with just the bride and groom capturing the calm intimate moments with just them.

3:30pm // Race over to the reception venue whilst choking down a muesli bar and some cheese just in time to get a shot of the bridal party entering the reception.

4pm // Grab some shots of the reception details and candids of the guests.

5pm // Entrees and speeches getting all those emotional moments.

7pm // Get a shot of the couple cutting the cake.

7:30 // First dance, everybody dancing and father of the bride dance.

8:30 // Get that shot of the bouquet flying through the air to hopeful hands.

9pm // Slink out quietly with a piece of cake and head home exhaustedly happy for a beautiful day!


When I get home from a wedding I make sure all my photos are backed up before dragging myself into bed….

The next day I’m usually desperate to see the shots from the day before so I usually bounce out of bed early and pick 5 shots to edit and send the couple as a sneak peek that they can pass on to loved ones. The full gallery is done within 10 business days and any albums or prints the couple wants are delivered within 6 weeks of ordering.


What a turnaround! You can now clearly see that Ro Photography go above and beyond for their couples, so if you want this beautiful level of wedding photographer service (along with seriously stunning wedding photos) be sure to get in touch with Ro Photography right here, right now.

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