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Top 5 Tips On What Wording To Include On Your Wedding Invitations

By Katie Stow

Ideas & Inspiration

Top 5 Tips On What Wording To Include On Your Wedding Invitations


Are you unsure what to include in your wedding invitation stationery? You may have a clear idea of how you want to design and present your wedding invites – but what about the information? Don’t worry, because we’re about to run you through the top five tips on what wording to include in your wedding invitations. 

In traditional wedding stationery, there will be the main invitation and several accompanying inserts or cards. The number of additional cards depends on how many side activities you host, the location, accommodation, and gift registry. 

Trust us, we know it can seem like a daunting task at first, but you can pick and choose what is right for you. There are some fantastic vendors we know who are on-hand to help make invitation creation as seamless as your wedding underwear! 

1. You’re cordially invited to…

The formal invitation is the main event of the suite. AKA the one you don’t forget! 

Who’s being invited? Add their names front and centre. If your parents are contributing, it is traditional to include their names as hosts.

Be clear in what you are inviting your guest to, they will need to know if this is a wedding ceremony or just the reception party. Ensure you clearly state the venue and location address for your celebration. 

Many couples prefer to state the address on a separate card, but these can easily get lost, resulting in people contacting you in the busiest times leading to the big day! #notcool 

After the ceremony venue, including the ceremony time – you don’t want guest rocking up too early or worse, too late. Is there anything unique to know about the venue? Is it hard to find? Enclose a map or a Q.R. code to a Google map so that guest can accurately pre-plan travel. 

If you are holding your reception at a different venue than the ceremony, you may want to include a reception card. Include the name of the venue, address and time the reception starts.

On your main invitation, get someone to check the details for you – is it all there. Being close to the wedding planning means you take for granted what you know. Ensure it’s easy for anyone to understand to avoid confusion.


It might sound a little cheesy, but as many weddings, invitations are put straight onto a fridge, add a magnet for ease.

2. Pre-wedding and recovery activities

Planning a day-after recovery brunch or B.B.Q.? You may like to list out the events on a separate card; this way, you can drop this into the guest invited to this element – if not everyone! Add checkboxes for guests to tick and return in their RSVP envelope. Better still if you’re going digital for RSVPs include a Q.R. code or simple web address for guests to reply online. 

If you are serving food – include on this card checkboxes for dietary requirements. Vegan, Vego or Gluten Free. Not only will this help you to budget and shop, but this will also ensure you don’t have any sticky situations. 


Invitations by State Of Elliott


Invitations by State Of Elliott

3. Répondez, S’il Vous Plaît aka R.S.V.P.

A response card is vital so that guests can provide their responses to you. Put the RSVP date on this card, so guests know when to respond. If you will be providing your guests will a meal of their choice, list the options on this card so guests can easily indicate their preference. This is the time to suss out any dietary requirements.

A small self-addressed and stamped envelope usually accompanies the response card. Make it as easy as possible for responses to get to you! 

It is a smart idea to provide an email address or a link to an online form for the guests to fill in. Websites like Zola offer these services. 


Number your guest list and put the coordinating number on the response card. This way, if the guest forgets to include their name, you’ll know who sent it.

4. Destination unknown!

If you’re planning a destination wedding or know that you will have guests from out of town, an accommodation card is an essential inclusion. Include the names of the hotels, phone numbers and addresses. There are some beautifully designed maps in invites now – got a nifty designer friend whose help you could enlist? 

5. Triple-check your information

Many wedding stationery companies will prompt you for all information required, so thankfully you don’t have to remember everything you need to include. The best advice is to ensure you have triple-checked dates and information before going to print. Ask your vendor for a test print to check over, especially if you are going for a beautiful letterpress option! 

Time to get licking those envelopes – happy planning! 

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