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The 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Hiring Furniture For Your Wedding

By Katie Stow
wedding furniture hire

Unless you happen to be an Operations Manager who is getting married, it’s likely that you’ve never planned an event on the same scale as your wedding. This means that the idea of run sheets, venue bookings and staff hires probably makes your brain go completely to mush and you have nada idea where to start.

That’s why we’re breaking down the confusing elements of wedding planning to make sure you’re diving into all of this with your eyes wide open. Today we’re tackling the topic of furniture hiring. If you’ve just read that sentence and thought, ‘huh?! You need to hire furniture for your wedding?!’, then you definitely need to read this whole post.

A large majority of wedding venues require extra furnishings to make the space look 10/10, so it’s a pretty key part of planning. For that reason, we’ve spoken to Timbermill (who are wizards of the wedding furniture hiring world) to get all the intel. So let’s get cracking on educating you on everything you need to know before you hire any furniture for your wedding.

What sort of weddings require furniture hires?

“Any kind of wedding can have some kind of furniture hire.  It really depends on the venue and the styling theme. Some weddings just need a few items as the venue supply all the essentials; whilst some other venues are designed for you to bring everything in including tables, chairs, archways and a whole lot more.”


What sort of wedding furniture hire packages are out there?

“We don’t offer set packages as such as we’ve found that each couple and wedding are completely different and individual. Although the most popular products for weddings are our ceremony items such as archways and benches. And then our range of bars are so popular as you can add so much to the styling of a space with a feature piece.” 


What are the three key furniture pieces that everyone should be hiring for their wedding?

If you could only pick three items for your big day, these are things you NEED to have on your to-hire list:

1 // A feature bar or two

2 // A beautiful arch for your wedding ceremony 

3// Great signage display to direct and welcome your guests to your wedding


Do you have to pick up the furniture for your wedding yourself? Is there a pick-up/drop-off option?

While we can’t speak for all furniture hiring companies, the lovely Timbermill have both options on hand for couples.

“We offer a dry hire option where you can collect from us on the Friday and return on the Monday for a weekend wedding. This works really well and save on delivery fees! A top tip we give to a lot of couples regarding delivery is that you can hire one team of removalists (or hire a truck and rope in some very nice family & friends) to collect all of your items on the Friday from all of your suppliers, deliver them in one lot to your event, and then return them all on the Monday. This means you’re just paying one delivery cost, not separate delivery charges for all of your suppliers.”

wedding furniture hire

Do you have to always let your venue know that you’re bringing in rental furniture?

“This is very venue dependent; it is always worth checking earlier rather than later in case they have any rules around it and how they want their deliveries to work. For example, some venues need everything removed from a Saturday wedding by midnight and this will affect your delivery charges a lot so it is important to find this out at the beginning so you don’t get stung later with delivery charges you haven’t budgeted for. The more you work with your venue and suppliers the easier it will be!”


How far in advance do you need to book your wedding furniture?

Unlike your wedding dress shopping timeline, you can save your wedding furniture hire until a little later in the game, with most companies recommending booking in around three months before your wedding day. However, if you’re planning on getting hitched in peak season, it’s always safer to lock it all in earlier rather than later!


What is one thing to remember before you hire your wedding furniture?

We’ll leave this question to the experts (read: Timbermill) to answer this one.

“Don’t get scared off by furniture hire; It doesn’t mean you have to have your whole wedding in items you’ve hired.  Some of the best wedding we’ve seen are where people just use feature pieces and then work with the existing pieces the venue has.”

So there you have it! You can now launch into your wedding planning with all the insights you could possibly need about decking out your wedding with the best furniture hires possible!

To book in your wedding furniture with Timbermill, be sure to head here to get in touch with them.


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