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Since 1858, Fairfax & Roberts has been creating luxury jewellery that has been loved and worn for many generations. Our in-house designers and artisans source the world’s finest gems to create jewellery that epitomises elegance and beauty – inspired by our heritage and informed by contemporary trends.

We are proud to present this unique collection: ‘By Fairfax & Roberts’. This collection perfectly marries the world of luxury jewellery with a desire for everyday elegance to present pieces that are both beautifully designed and manufactured to our exacting standards. Each piece is brought to life by using authentic freshwater pearls and real gemstones from our collection of amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz, topaz, peridot and citrine placed in high-quality settings of sterling silver either 18K gold or rhodium plated. Our other metal pieces are made from stainless steel either highly polished or 18K gold plated.

Jewellery is a great bridesmaids gift. We have curated a bridesmaid gift collection with our favourite pieces perfect for any bridal party. Jewellery is something that will complete the bridesmaid’s outfit on the wedding day, as well as something they’ll enjoy wearing afterwards.

Location: 19 Castlereagh St Sydney NSW 2000 (servicing all States)


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