Madeleine Chiller Photographer

Oh my! I hear wedding bells!

Congratulations on your engagement!

How exciting: you are about to marry your best friend surrounded by your nearest and dearest. That’s so amazing.
Gone are the days of weddings being a super formal and serious affair.

This is, after all, a celebration of your love!

Why not go against the grain?

Create a day that truly reflects the TWO OF YOU and what makes you happy!

There are so many fresh, feel-good ways to tie the knot.
Get married in an industrial warehouse, in the middle of a forestu2026 or on your grandparent’s farm!

Your special day should tell a story about who you and your main squeeze are.

These are the types of weddings that I love photographing the most: whimsical, personal and unique.

I’m crazy about that buzzing atmosphere that comes with weddings and anything to do with love for that matter.
My camera and I can’t wait to hear all about your plans!

M xxx


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