Anna Taylor Photography

So, I totally get that you may have never done this before – it’s all pretty new. And there’s a good chance that you’re two of the 350 million billion people that don’t even like having their photo taken ( yup – know that feeling ) so the idea of paying a shed load of $$ for someone to do something you’re not even that fond of seems slightly bonkers. Yup. Totally get it.

But here’s a LONG STORY SHORT….and at the risk of sounding slightly condescending….

Nearly every one of my couples have at some point said to me – ‘we’re not very good at having our photo taken’ and nearly everyone who said that – wished I’d been there longer. Cos I won’t just have my camera in your faces – but all your favourite people will be subjected (for the want of a better word – this sounds like it’s painful – it’s really not!) to me and my ninja camera skills too. And as a result, you end up some pretty awesome images to match the awesomeness of your day.

For the most part you won’t even really notice that I’m there – other than when I see an awesome spot with some groovy light and I’ll say “hey, go and stand over in that groovy light for a minute”.

You’ll also notice that I have preference for B&W – but go to my website – you’ll see I really know how to rock the colour too.

So if you think you’re going to feel a bit #awks on your wedding day, fear not, I’ll make it as pain free as possible and at the end of it you’ll have some photos that you’ll be able to look back on in 20 years time and remember everything about your big day to a ‘t’ – and then some!


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