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Wedding photography & elopements // I have a story like all of us do, & some time if we’re sharing a drink together I can give you the greatest hits… but right now, I’m really interested in your storyu2026

u2026. particularly the part of your lives from when you met your partner/fiancu00e9/beyoncu00e9, to your adventures together here & now.. Your history, your past adventures together, & even your future plans for more togetherness & adventureness u2013 that’s what I’d love to hear..

All relationships have uniqueness in them u2013 things you both experience together u2013 just the two of you.. What’s your song? What do you guys like to do when you’re not working at your job? What do you LOVE to do? What’s your favourite place you’ve travelled to together? What’s that one food you’ve absolutely hated since you were a kid? (mine = carrots)..

These are the kind of stories I love to hear about because these are the stories that matter in a relationship, and they may seem like little things, but of course (**clichu00e9 alert), the little things are the big things.. ud83dude42


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