Hello, Terralogical are a collective of individuals who are passionate in telling stories and witnessing bold connections and authentic moments that make the hairs on the back of our necks stand.

Time flies when you’re having fun. You might be happy, nervous, giddy, or deeply moved. You might laugh, cry, or lost in private, unrepeatable intimate moments.

The Terralogical team will make the photo sessions fun and interesting for you, and not a tedious chore you can’t wait to get over with.

And years and years hence, when you may have forgotten the pungent aroma of the exotic flowers whose name eludes you, when you can no longer remember neither the sweet words that put the radiant smile on your face, nor the name of the beach, garden or park you were photographed at, Terralogical aesthetics and artistry will help refresh your memory. Our pictures will take you down the memory lane and transport you back to those wondrous feelings moments and feelings.

We dedicate our love and energy in building a time machine of memories for you. Being natural and honest are the best ingredients for a great photograph in our dictionary.

We love to let an intimate moment flow without distractions, yet when in need we are more than willing to give a hint of direction—so little that we do not take away the essence of you.


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