Carina Sze Photography

Carina Sze Photography is an Australian Photographer with a modern and authentic storytelling style. 


Oh, it’s you! The one I’ve been looking for. You relish the SIMPLE THINGS IN LIFE. You’ve always had GOOD TASTE in style and a quirky edge to you, but you don’t care if people know it or not. You do things your own way.

You’re WILLING TO WAIT for the good. You extend people 10 more seconds of trust. In my world, this could mean waiting an extra moment for things to spark to get your magic shot.

And you’re looking for someone to tell the REAL love story behind your wedding day. Someone who will see not just the heart-bursting exhilaration between you two, but who captures moments that would otherwise slip by: the forehead touch between your grandma and your new groom, the reassuring hand squeeze your father-in-law gives your bride before walking her down the aisle.

When you book Carina Sze Photography, you get me and my passion. I’m with you for the journey. All said and done, you get artful and heartful physical reminders of your once-in-a-lifetime special day.  If this resonates with you, we may get along very well. Let’s have a drink together (oolong tea for me, please).


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