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My name is Daniel and creator of Brown Shoes Productions.

I grew up in a loud, crazy southern Italian family household in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. So … some of your assumptions about me are probably correct already.  Yes I love football (AKA soccer) and have played it all my life, my Mum is the best cook in the world and I have more cousins than the population of Hawaii!

You can also fairly assume one more thing; I have celebrated A LOT of weddings.

So when I started out photographing weddings for friends in 2013, I knew exactly how it rolled and I LOVED it! I love the family, culture, celebration and dancing. I love listening to proud stories from parents and grandparents.

Very quickly I knew this was where I could offer my creative best to people. Something that started out as a ‘side thingy’ turned into Brown Shoes Productions – a business I take very seriously.

Although, ‘serious business’ doesn’t mean I’ll be too serious on your wedding day.  Quite the opposite actually.  I’m looking for the human connection between the two of you, the little idiosyncrasies that make you the couple that you are – awkward smile, kiss on the forehead, how you like to high-five. My work is inspired by film, art and music. I think its important to have a considered plan for your day – the sort that allows us to get as creative as you like.  I’m always on the look-out for a cool, undiscovered location, some good light and a candid moment.

Before I started shooting weddings I had a fierce passion for photography.  And believe me – this cat has done the hard yards! After graduating from my Bachelor of Photography, I spent another eight years in London and Sydney, working on global fashion and advertising campaigns with top international photographers. This allowed me to develop technical skills and an eye for lighting, style and design, that is well and truly up to scratch.

I have now moved back to my hometown, where my heart is (literally – I married my wonderful wife in 2017 – picture above) and continue to forge my career as a photographer here.

I like to think I’m also a pretty good guy, with a relaxed approach – I make people comfortable and I communicate well.  I am inconspicuous on your wedding day, focusing on capturing the day in a more candid style.  My job is to capture you at your best, and I can only do that by ensuring you are relaxed and most importantly, you are having fun!


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