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What do these have in common?

1: Cupcake theft

2: Champagne showers

3: Aspirationally good dance moves

4: Animals (if invited)

5: Joy

6: Sadness

7: Guests in canoes

They (and a million other things) are little pieces of glory that may, or may not be present at this thing called your wedding, but i’ve seen them all somewhere at a Briars Atlas wedding along the way. You’ve probably got a bunch of ideas of your own about what this will look like for yours!

And i’ll be there, Briars Atlas to photograph them all, whatever they are, using a honed eye and love of everything wonderful in this human circus. At Briars Atlas I’ve covered every type of celebration from Indian, to boho, to intimate, to enormous, all the way from Melbourne, to Tasmania, New York to Antarctica and everything in between. From 2 guests (myself and a video guy), to over 500 guests.

Your wedding isn’t a story, it’s a dance. When you hire me at Briars Atlas, you’re commissioning a new friend, and internationally-awarded creative anarchist to use my eyes, ears, heart, and sometime strange cameras to move with that dance. Everything is wonderful, and everything is fair game, and everything is worth being stored, not just the things you might think are important (if your nephew is 2 knuckles deep in his nose mid-speech, that makes for great leverage at their 18th).

If you feel connected to my work, drop me a line at Briars Atlas.


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