Whether you’re Cinderella, Tinderella, or somewhere in between, we got you babe. From Intimate packages to Hollywood glam, including both film and photos, we do it all! We love love, and can’t wait to capture your happily ever after.

5 Mins with Blush Pink’s Capture Queen, Rachel Carroll.

Where did the name Capture Queen come from?

(Chuckles) Everyone who knows me, knows that I ALWAYS have a camera in hand. So I teamed/married that with my love of weddings. It’s a simple equation really!

Why did you decidedto capture weddings?

I love love, and I love all the pretty things in life. Weddings are where the two shall always meet.

What’s your favourite moment to capture?

Easy! That moment when the bride puts on her dress, and the groom’s reaction when she walks down the aisle, and he first lays eyes on her.

What style of photos & films do you create?

I admit, I am a hopeless romantic and high-end fashion lover. Some of my favourite films are The Holiday, Notting Hill, Sex & The City, and Father of The Bride. I’m constantly turning the pages of the newest Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue magazine, so I’d have to say I sprinkle a little Hollywood, Editorial magic into every film & photo I create!

What’s your approach to capture on the day?

I’d like to share a few words from one of my darling brides, Tammi – “Rachel has brilliant emotional intelligence, the ability to direct people, a real talent for filming, photographing and editing, and the warmth to help you feel how special you are.” My approach is to always read the situation and be there for the couple, knowing when to support them in front of the camera and to step back and capture from afar. Being in front of the camera isn’t easy, it’s really unnatural and foreign to most. This is where I thrive to direct with tender loving care, to make this an incredibly liberating experience for everyone.

How does being a bride help capture weddings?

Pulling off a wedding is one hell of a rollercoaster ride! Sometimes Mr Sunshine takes a rain check during an outdoor ceremony, or an overbearing Aunt just won’t get her ipad out of the couples faces (laughs). No matter the situation, I’m a can-do kinda gal, and will help find a solution to any problem.

Plus, having been a bride myself, when I’m behind the camera, I help my Blush Pink brides ensure that every tiny detail is perfect. From hair fly aways to knicker lines, camera-shy bridesmaids to fixing that strap that just won’t sit right, this Capture Queen has your back.

What were you doing before weddings?

For many years I lived abroad in Austria heading up a marketing division for a Red Bull Energy Drink. But I just couldn’t deny my urge to create film and photos any longer. So at the age of 30, I took a leap of faith, and jumped in to the wonderful world of film production. For the past 5 years I’ve had the joy of working (though it feels more like playing) across producing, directing, filming, photography, acting, and styling.

Along the way, I found that weddings were the perfect combination of all these skills combined!

Why Blush Pink?

My favourite colour is Blush Pink, and white was already taken!


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