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Hands up: who cringes at over-the-top, contrived wedding photography? … Yeah, me too.

Hands up: who has been in a bridal party and been asked to do a bunch of random crap by the photographer that literally made no sense? … Yeah, me too. (Cos, you know, nothing says love like a bunch of fully grown adults jumping in the air at the same time).

Real moments and real emotions are infinitely more interesting to me than creating elaborate, unnatural, posed compositions.

If you feel the same way, you are my people ufffd???

My name is Anna and I am a Sydney based photographer. (I shoot all over the place)

I have a background in fine art and I spend a lot of my days working on my personal projects which I feel feeds and inspires my wedding work.

My approach is pretty simple :

I seek truth and authenticity in my images.

I canufffd??t see any value in cheesy, contrived images that look like-a-ufffd??wedding photographufffd??-should-look. I wonufffd??t ask you to stand in awkward, fake poses.

I have found that raw, unguarded moments make for the most beautiful photographs.

I think that the actual experience of the day is the most important thing so I definitely wonufffd??t be all up in your grill.

When I donufffd??t have a camera in my hand (which tbh is not all that often #nerd) I am pretty easily pleased. I find a lot of pleasure in the sweet mundane: runs in the park, yoga, ocean swims, live music and hangs with my mates, sister and newphews keep me happy and out of trouble.

I canufffd??t do anything without coffee and good food and wine is the reason I donufffd??t own a house yet.


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