Terrace Press is a Sydney-based family-owned letterpress studio. As a fourth-generation printmaker, our designer, printer, and founder Alex has the craft in her blood. Her beloved Pop Fred passed on his love for the traditional craftsmanship of letterpress printing, with Terrace Press refreshing the art for the modern day.

Our letterpress machines are part of our evolving family; each has its own personality and flair. They print uniquely, speak a distinct language of sounds and require varying levels of love and care. Currently, our Sydney studio houses Felix and Elke, both 1960 Heidelberg windmill letterpress printers, and our tabletop foiler Miëka.

Terrace Press prioritises luxury, beauty and fine artisanal skills; each stage of the process is completed in-house by our small team. We letterpress on 100% cotton paper and other specialty stocks, ensuring a beautiful crisp impression. All letterpress inks are mixed by hand; each piece is hand-printed one colour at a time, resulting in a bespoke creation every time. The ensuing texture and visual intricacies make for timeless keepsakes and memory holders to treasure.

While the craft of letterpress printing is nothing new, Terrace Press fuses this with modern techniques, including white ink printing and acrylic pieces. These additions amplify the custom designs created by our talented team of designers, calligraphers and illustrators.

Terrace Press proudly caters to all your letterpress and stationery needs. We offer a complete range of wedding items, such as menus, table numbers, service booklets, place cards, seating charts and signage. We also print on acrylic, mirrors and wood to suit your style.

We know that every wedding is unique and we love working with couples – both local and interstate – to bring your vision to life. We live and breathe letterpress – it’s a joy to share our passion with you.

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