Joyce Florence Bridal Veils

My two sisters and I all got engaged to the loves of our lives and married within 16 months of one another. We each dreamed of our perfect wedding day with our beautiful men at our side. On our journey all three of us couldn’t find a veil that complimented our dresses and found ourselves incomplete.

This led me to create a collection of stunning veils that are simple, elegant and timeless. Offered at an affordable price point to give every woman the opportunity to have their perfect look for their special day. Named after my beautiful grandma Joyce Florence who married my amazing grandpa Allan John.Their love for each other and vows they made have stood the test of time.

Having lived through the great depression and WWll, they met at church in Mosman, Sydney and got married in 1948. They are the perfect examples of love and marriage.Born of the generation where their ‘yes means yes’.

They don’t say ‘I love you’ too often but in every deed and action, their love radiates for their family and each other. When my sisters and I got married they shared these words of wisdom I wish to pass onto you beautiful brides.’There is no magic formula for a happy marriage, but with mutual love, respect and the ability to compromise, you will be on the right track. Our wish for you is that many years hence, you can truthfully say that marrying your husband was the best thing you ever did.’


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