ILUMA was founded with the goal of creating food that is luxurious, unique and creative. For us, the act of creating our food is a joyful experience , it is exciting and fast paced and it is our creative outlet, the medium through which we like to think we contribute a little beauty to the world.

Constantly changing and ever-evolving, we love melding flavour profiles and techniques from ancient traditions with modern culinary techniques to create something that is uniquely ILUMA . We like to think of our style as fluid, playful and luxurious. We aren’t tied to one geographical region for our flavour influences, instead, we go where the inspiration takes us and use skill, creative techniques and fine ingredients to provide a luxurious ribbon of consistency through our creations.

We can cater for events and supply opulent desserts for your dessert bar. Our wedding cakes are as unique creations designed especially for each wedding. Our talented cake artists can design and create a masterpiece to suit your style of wedding from simple refined elegance to dramatic luxury cakes. We invite you to arrange a wedding consultion to discuss your wedding needs


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