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Welcome to Cinta Rose Creative!

I am Lucinda! I am passionate about cake artistry and styling florals to create an exceptional ambiance for your special occasion. Whether we are creating occasional florals, wedding cakes, celebration cakes or cupcakes, we work with every client individually to provide a unique floral arrangement and/or a delicious custom design with great attention to detail.

Why Cake + Florals?

To be able to offer my clients a unique business where they can shop cakes, cupcakes and florals as gifts, for celebrations or events.

I have been creating and designing wedding, corporate and celebration cakes and cupcakes professionally for a number of years now. As a creative designer I found myself going to the flower markets several times a week to hand pick fresh florals for my client’s wedding and celebration cakes. It was there that a love for the floral industry bloomed. After training and learning from industry professionals and innovative florists world-wide, we are excited to now offer creative floral styling along with cake and cupcake creations here at Cinta Rose Creative.

What’s in a Name?

{ CINTA } Meaning ‘love’ in Malay – reminds me of my heritage, also incorporates my name, Cin.

{ ROSE } Can symbolise anything based on its colour – they are universal, timeless and distinctive. I have 3 rose tattoos and grew up with Beauty and the Beast as my favourite Disney movie – that red rose!

{ CREATIVE } It’s how I operate – it’s who I am – and it’s how I look at everything. Life’s too short not to see beauty in things. And being a creative, allows me to create beauty. You can never have enough of that.


Look forward to hearing from you!


Lucinda x


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