We are Moss Lane.

We don’t ‘make’ your bouquets or centerpieces.

We curate them.

Unstructured, ethereal and flowing florals are our signature design. But, we are about more than just flowers. We are floral storytellers. Floral poets.
Moss Lane sets the scene of your wedding day with the vision to capture the journey your love has taken you on; to reflect the laughs, tears, memories and magic that is your love. To celebrate your personalities through our designs.

Whether that’s with our premium imported florals or our luxe real-touch silk range, we put your designs together, stem by stem, until we feel it’s reflective of your relationship.

We are scene setters, floral directors, mood makers, dreamers;
We are wholly yours, to emulate and bring to life the visions you’ve been collecting through your dreams.

We are Moss Lane.


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