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Budding Moments is a studio based florist located in the Perth Hills. We specialise in large scale personalised floral designs for weddings & events. We only use the freshest most beautiful materials to make our client’s dreams come to life. We pride ourselves on moving with the trends and styles our clients demand while not locked into one trend. We focus on developing and perfecting all areas of style and techniques, so that we can be as flexible as possible for our clients. Creating any floral design for any event.

Monique has been trained by some of the top floral designs not only in Perth but Australia. Picking up designs skills, styles and tricks to the trade. She has been educated to a high standard to execute large scale work such as flower walls, archways, hanging installations and has passed that knowledge onto her team with the Budding Moments touch!

While Budding Moments are able to execute large scale floral events, we also love the smaller floral touches to any event. We try our very best to cater to all our clients needs. From a few jars at a birthday dinner, to a casual small scale wedding, to a funeral spray for a lost loved one. We are able to execute your floral tributes, celebrations and dreams!


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