What Goes First? Your Engagement Ring Or Wedding Ring in 2021?

By Katie Stow

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What Goes First? Your Engagement Ring Or Wedding Ring in 2021?


Fun fact: Out of the two One Fine Day boyfriends we polled, zero percent knew that most brides wear not one, but two rings. Why that was an unpleasant surprise for those two suckers, it did get us thinking: When you have both an engagement ring and wedding ring for one finger – which order do you stack them in?

With the rise of ‘crown rings’ to cleverly frame engagement rings, and wrap rings (you know, those ones that have two bands which go around the engagement ring?) there are a multitude of workarounds – but we want to tackle the classics first.

Here’s what the order of your engagement ring and wedding ring mean.

Wedding Ring On The Bottom, Engagement Ring On Top

This is the most common, and most traditional order, for your rings. Apparently the tradition stems all the way back to an Ancient Egyptian idea that there is a vein leading directly from the left ring finger, straight to the heart. So, therefore, by wearing your wedding ring on the bottom, it’s the closest it can be to your heart highway.

If this is your ring-order-preference, to keep things smooth sailing on your wedding day we recommend putting your engagement ring on your right hand during the ceremony and then slip it back over to sit on top of your new wedding ring for the reception!

Engagement Ring On The Bottom, Wedding Ring On Top

While this isn’t the most classic route, logically it kind of does make sense. It does keep the rings in the order you received them, and as the engagement ring represents a promise and the wedding ring locks in that promise it’s quite nice to use the wedding band as a sort of bookend.

You’ll spot this configuration on the likes of supermodel Emily Ratajkowski, who opted to plonk her gold wedding band on top of her massive dual-diamond engagement ring.


By Katie Stow


Editor of One Fine Day

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