Bowie Rae is an all new, all Australian bridal range. Inspired by the bold + designed specifically and exclusively for the daring. With a range of separates that all work together to create your very own look, essentially we want you to create your own story. Introducing Bowie Rae; a tribute to the woman that will become her own statement piece. A celebration of a New Age where the wedding dress becomes the voice of Her who wears it.

The Bowie Rae bride is unapologetically bold, brave and timeless.

She is much less concerned with something old, and more concerned with something true. She knows that love like this is not what they spoke of in fairy tales. She is not interested in their promises of happily ever afters, or the handsome prince. She is more in love with the world and dreams instead of how she will best conquer it.

She knows that this is not the end of the story; but in fact, that this is where all the greatest love stories begin- right here, with ‘I Do’. She is a soul searching power force. She is the essence of adventure and this is just another one under her belt. She is her.

Bowie Rae’s mission is to create a gown that is just as unique as it is bold and daring. That it defines her strength and spirit rather than ours. That you choose us to take you from being a woman to a bride. That the Bowie Rae bride knows she is unique yet timeless, bold yet tasteful, daring yet elegant. That no two Bowie Rae brides should ever look the same. That the Bowie Rae bride is unlike any other – that she has an intangible edge that will make her the statement piece – she has style, vision and a daring spirit that will not waiver in the something old – that together we rewrite the rules.


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