I’m Ash and I’m obsessed with creating artworks you can eat. My love for art, in all forms, started when I was a little kid, somewhere between feeding my sister play dough cupcakes and trying to convince my parents that the giant crayon scribbles on their newly painted bedroom wall was a masterpiece.

Fast forward a few years and a lot has changed. Now it’s my two year old daughter who’s drawing on the walls, I’ve done two deployments to the Middle East after joining the Navy at age 17, I’ve almost finished a degree in engineering, but most importantly, found an outlet for my passion for art in creating bespoke cakes. My ethos is that everything I create, in my eyes, is its own piece of art.

Everything from pottery, photography, drawing and painting gives me my artistic inspiration and that’s what allows me to bring peoples cake dreams to life, in my own unique style. I guess you could say my journey to becoming a baker was somewhat unconventional, but then again, if you want the norm, there’s plenty of options on Google.

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