The 7 Best Wedding Nails Trends For Modern Brides.

By Katie Stow

As a bride-to-be, we understand that your checklist is endless in preparation for your special day. Finding your perfect dress, choosing a wedding cake, picking the flowers, deciding on a venue – it can be quite overwhelming so you’re bound to forget certain things until the very end. Your wedding nails being one of them. But fret not, since your nails will be getting a lot of attention on the day – we’ve done the hard work for you.

From fresh takes on the timeless French manicure to totally new abstract looks, we’ve rounded up seven of the best wedding nail trends to seamlessly tie your bridal look together.

1 // Negative Space

If you’re a minimalist looking for a hint of ‘extra’ to feel complete as you say ‘I do’, opt for a negative space manicure. There are endless designs (stars, stripes, overlapping geometric shapes) you can experiment with and they are every bit as eye-catching as they are chic. What makes this style so desirable (not that you need more convincing) is that it generally lasts longer than a solid manicure because the nail regrowth is less obvious. Wedding nail win!

2 // Pearl Tips

Pearls have made an unexpected appearance over the past few years and have since evolved into nail art. If you’re one to pass pearls off as old-fashioned or conventional, take your cue from the impeccably accented pearl nail-art that’s flooding your Instagram feed and play on the trend. Choose a stand-alone detail if you’re after an understated finish or layer and stack them for added drama. Either way, it’ll bring a classic and elegant finish to your bridal look.


3 // Maximalist Accents

For the brides who aren’t afraid of drawing attention to their nails, we recommend experimenting with jewel accents. Let your individuality shine by embellishing your nails with beads, studs or glitter. If you’re feeling particularly glamorous, adorn each of your nails for maximum impact. Alternatively, if you prefer subtlety, select one or two to be the main focal point. Either way, the end result is the same – added allure with an extra dose of sparkle-factor.



4 // French Manicure Revamp

The timeless French manicure has been updated with an ultra-modern twist, challenging brides to rethink the way they wear this trend today. We suggest that you reserve your traditional French manicure for a double-tipped or micro French manicure instead. Both styles are super delicate and subtle making it the perfect pairing without overshadowing your gown. A classic pleaser for all the minimalist brides out there.



5 // Golden Eclipse

For the brides who favour a classic look but are eager to add a hint of glimmer, this nail-art is made for you. A fine gold design at the tip of your nails or on your cuticles offers an unexpected twist to the usual daintier offerings you’re used to. Pair your perfectly enameled gold nails back with a simple silk gown for a sophisticated yet luxurious look.



6 // Minimalist Accents 

Nothing says “minimalist!” like tiny delicate accents painted on your nails. If you’re as simple as they come, this style is a fresh and contemporary approach to elevate a traditional enamel. For the brides who have a creative flair, why not add your ‘something blue,’ hue to your nails instead? It’s unexpected, feminine and so romantic.



7 // Ombre Design

Ombre nails are a subtle spin on the classic French manicure that blends well with almost any gown you choose. An ombre manicure offers a layer of intrigue thanks to its gradient hues and adds that little extra something to your tips. To create a look that’s a tad less traditional, opt for colours slightly darker than a rose or beige hue for a peak of colour.


By Ana Zupanoska

Words by Ana Zupanoska, former Beauty & Fashion Writer for Cosmopolitan and all-round beauty genius! See her full body of work by clicking here.

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