Undisposable is an instant photography service, allowing guests to get a printed photo and second copy for your personal album. Its like disposable cameras, but digital and better. At Undisposable, We let the party capture itself from all angles to get the most unique set of images, without letting guests take the only copy or filling all the film with junk photos. We are the service to keep your reception moving, matching any styling and complimenting a vibrant atmosphere. We are based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth but service Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

We instantly print branded snapshots from our Virtual Photo Booth. Here at Undisposable your own personal photo booth page that guests can use to get a perfectly easy on-site print. Your wedding guests could be anywhere and use this. Your customers could be in-store at anytime and use this. We keep it simple. At Undisposable, we instantly print branded snapshots from our Roaming Guest Cameras. Our digital cameras roam around the event in the hands of your guests with two prints of each photo. Think one camera per table or 10 floating around a cocktail event. We instantly print branded snapshots from our Casual Snapshot Photo Booth. Beauty lighting and a digital kiosk make this a modern take on a retro service. Boomerangs, SMS downloads and attendant included.We instantly print branded snapshot from your guests’ mobile phones. No Instagram required! Our Undisposable our staff or your guests take posed and candid shots throughout the event for an album, take home and/or display. Dedicated web link, two prints of each photo, attendant and custom border included. An add-on for our other packages, we instantly print branded snapshot from our Roaming Digital Camera. Our Undisposable staff take shots on our little digital camera for an album, take home and/or display. Perfect addition to a reception photo booth to capture the canape period.


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