What makes the difference between wedding photos that are 💣.com or a total 😴 fest? The talented folks at This Day Forward have shared their Top 5 tips for nailing your wedding photos.

  1. Create a wedding that is unique to you and your partner. This is your day to share and celebrate your relationship with your nearest and dearest. I love photographing weddings that exude the personality of the couple. Make it your own.

2. Go a step further. Stepping into nature has created some of my most memorable shots. Hiking that hill, chasing down that sunset, going that extra 100 metres and venturing a little further can create magic.

3. The Pied Piper theory. Pied Piper used his magical pipe to lure the rats out of town when the town refused to pay him, he used the same magical pipes to lure the children. Stay with me, I have a point to this story. Great live music has this magical power to carry people away and light up the party. The energy I see from an epic brass band is like nothing else. A band will always pick people up! (Disclaimer – no children will be lured out of town if you book a band)

4. It’s all about the little things but the little things don’t matter. Confusing, right? Rain, hail or shine, your wedding day will still be your wedding day. The overall day is made up of all the beautiful little moments, details and things that come with it, not the little things that go wrong. Focus on what’s important, those are moments that will be captured and remembered.

5.  Let go and just enjoy yourself. You’ve dedicated time, resources and a shit load of planning to get you here, now let the suppliers create the magic by doing what they do best. Your job now is to let go and enjoy yourself.