Our post today comes from our friends at Plan A – boutique Bali wedding planners. You can meet the Plan A team at the One Fine Day Wedding Fair in Perth this weekend.  Tickets available here. 


Australians have been coming to Bali for years, with many considering it their second home. The number of Australian tourists arriving in Bali constitutes almost 20% of the total foreign income according to The Statistics Office for the Province of Bali. 

With Australians making up such a large percentage of the population here, it’s no wonder that many decide to tie the knot, often having made so many wonderful memories on their many previous trips.



Here we have compiled our top 5 reasons why Bali makes the perfect location to tie the knot!

  1. Natural Beauty

Bali is often referred to as the Island of the Gods, and it’s not hard to see why. The location choices for your big day are endless, with beautiful new villas sprouting up every month. Lush greenery, infinity pools, ocean views and balmy air make for a stunning atmosphere, and that’s not even including the decoration!


  1. Perfect Climate

Bali has warm weather all year round. This means the beers always taste better and you can spend more time in the sun working on that tan. October – April is considered the “rainy season”, when it’s winter in Australia, Bali is sunny with blue skies.

In addition to this, the locations you can choose for your wedding venue, whether it be resort or villa, are usually always full with green tropical plants, thatched roofs, swaying palms and large pools to sit around. All can accommodate large numbers of guests, so you can enjoy each day with your loved ones without ever having to leave!

Who doesn’t want to get married like that? You don’t have to worry about getting cold throughout the evening, everyone (including the bridal party) will feel more comfortable in flowing loose clothes, and what’s better than barefoot dancing!? With a pool at almost every wedding venue, no doubt people will want to cool down in the evening. There’s certainly something for everyone.


  1. Party All Week

Choosing Bali as your wedding location means that you get to celebrate over the course of a few days, not just one. Having a wedding in your hometown usually means you celebrate on the day of your wedding, and perhaps have a recovery the day after.

With Bali, because you need to book for a few days to make it worthwhile, it means you can organise dinners and outings with all your friends and family on the nights leading up to the big day as well as the days following. With Bali’s affordable restaurants and nightspots, this is a lot more doable than back home. Long dinners with cocktails won’t cost you half your mortgage and being such a tourist-friendly destination, there are so many ways your guests can enjoy themselves. From beach clubs and shopping to kids activities and watersports. There won’t be a dull moment. And for those who like the slower pace? Day spas are all over the island so everyone can feel pampered during their stay.


  1. It’s Totally Customisable

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to the various options you can choose from to make your wedding completely unique and completely YOU! Firstly, as mentioned before, there are so many possible venues in Bali that you might have a hard time narrowing it down to just one! They are all so beautiful and all have their own perks.

Catering has really come a long way and meeting international standards with a whole variety of cuisines to choose from. From prawn taco canapés and suckling pig carving stalls to fine dining four course meals and gelato carts. You and your guests will be in foodie’s heaven.

Flowers and arrangements are easy to find with selections from both imported and local varieties.  Add lighting and the perfect furniture and your look is easily achieved. In terms of entertainment for your guests, the list is endless.  You can choose to have a DJ, a live band, photo booths, shisha corners, fire dancers, makeup touch up corners, and much, much more.


  1. Unbeatable Price

Tying in from the previous point, all the above is available for a fraction of the price in Australia, without skimping on the quality.

Admittedly, Bali isn’t as cheap as ten years ago, but having your wedding here instead of Australia can easily cut $10,000 or more off your total bill.


Because manpower is a lot cheaper here than Australia, more workers are available on the day to make the magic happen. Services are also much more affordable due to the economy of Indonesia. You just can’t charge Aussie prices in Bali, it doesn’t make sense.

So if you can get the look you want for less, why wouldn’t you? You can tuck away any savings for your honeymoon or new house together!


Considering a Bali wedding? With their mix of skills and shared passion for bringing people together, Plan A successfully mix professionalism, fun and the magic of Bali into your event.