T I L L E E    M US I C 

We believe every wedding needs the perfect band to give a soundtrack to their special day. Every couple is different and wants to celebrate their love in a special unique way.  Tillee Music, an Australian Wedding Band company, hand picks musicians that share a dedication to ensuring the music for your event is as personal and as beautiful as you imagined it to be to perform at your wedding or event. Whether you have a favourite song or want something a little bit more personal Tillee Music can and will cater to your needs!

Tillee Music is set apart from other Wedding bands as they offer a service named ‘Your Story Your Song’. This unique take on a traditional wedding band blew us away! Basically what this service is, is the option to have a wedding song curated specifically for you and your partner. California Jeremy, an incredible music artist, will create a personalised composition just for your special day. A couple will send him their story, how they met, their fondest memories together, nicknames they may have for each other ect.. and it will be created into a piece of music that can be enjoyed by the couple on their wedding day and for the rest of their lives together.

This service is available now for all couples looking to make their special day that little bit more personalised and memorable.

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