Sydney February Runway Show 2017 

This Sydney 2017 Show has to be one of the best Runway Show’s we have showcased. Moving to our new home – Barangaroo the sandstone backdrop was the perfect scene to showcase Australia’s most talented Bridal Designers.

Under the creative eye of Petr from PV Hair & Makeup, each of our models had beautiful gold leaf on the eyes, and a wrapped gold ponytail inspired by the world’s top designer’s New York Runway Shows.

Chambord and Gallivant served beautiful & delicious cocktails for our VIP’s who sat front row whilst everyone listened to a rocking live DJ from Your Song who played the latest hits.

Each of our stunning models was tanned by Mine Tan who showcased their bridal range providing a beautiful glow.

For enquires on any of these gowns, email [email protected] 

Incredible images by Michelle Johnson Photography

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Alana Aoun:

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Anna Campbell: 

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Chosen by One Day: 

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Unbridaled by Dan Jones: 

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Fiona Claire: 

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Jennifer Go Bridal: 

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Karen Willis Holmes: 

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Mira Mandic: 

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Moira Hughes: unspecified-1 unspecified-4 unspecified-5 unspecified-6 unspecified-7 unspecified-9 unspecified-11 unspecified-12 unspecified-16

Sant Elia: 

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The Bridal Atelier:

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White Meadow:

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White Runway:

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