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Real Wedding Planning With Rosalie Molloy

By Katie Stow

Real weddings

Real Wedding Planning With Rosalie Molloy


Wedding planning is a mammoth task for any couple, but in our hour of need we like to turn to the most fashionable, put-together folk in our lives for some much needed inspiration. Which is why we’re talking to Rosalie Molloy, the beautiful Brand Manager for Showpo, about how she gets sh*t done with her wedding planning.

Proposed to on a cliff edge in Malta and prepping for a Mediterranean-inspired wedding day, we’re sure that these nuptials are set to be simply breathtaking.

Have a read through our chat with Rosalie to see what else she has in store for her big day.

How I was proposed to…

“Daniel and I were in the middle of a 6 week euro adventure (original, I know haha) but he picked this beautiful, isolated spot in Malta, where my grandparents are from – and one of my favourite places in the world – to propose. Everything, was a huge, comical mess, from us rushing to the spot after I was too grumpy to get ready on time, half missing the sunset and getting lost in the dark after the fact – but it was perfect for us, and makes for a really great (and long) story.”


The first thing I ticked of the wedding list…

“It took me a long time to tick anything off if I’m honest! I think the first thing I did was to create a vision/mood board for the whole experience, I found it really hard to get any clarity on what I wanted before I did this, because there are so many beautiful options; this paved the way to locking in the venue (quite sometime later haha) but I would have felt really confused without this bit of direction.”

The style of wedding dress I’m looking for…

“I want something that really feels ‘me’, that embodies my natural style but kicks it up a notch. Something simple but romantic, with elevated details.”


The hardest part of wedding planning…

“All the decisions! I am naturally an indecisive person – to my own detriment – so having to make a lot of impactful decisions in a short period of time and on a deadline is something I found really challenging!”


How involved my partner has been in the planning process…

“Am I supposed to be honest here? Bless his sweet heart, someone asked him the name of the venue a few months ago and he literally couldn’t recall it, if that answers your question. Daniel is so easy going, he takes a back seat in the planning but always pipes up when I need help making a decision and makes me laugh when things feel overwhelming.”

I would describe my wedding style as…

“Modern bohemian, romantic, and natural, with, little touches inspired by the Mediterranean.”


The one thing I wish I knew before I started planning my wedding…

“Wow, there is so much I did not know haha! I think something that I would maybe surprise you is that some people in your life might be quite traditional, especially people you least expect.”

The moment I can’t wait for on my wedding day is…

“The dance floor! By then, I’ll be married to one of the best men I’ve ever known, will have eaten delicious food and cheers-ed a lot of prosecco, all the formalities will be wrapped up and I can just dance through the night with my favourite people.”

All images provided by Rosalie Molloy via her Instagram.



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