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The Real Wedding Of Vada & Reuben

By Katie Stow

Vada and Reuben’s vision for their wedding had to dramatically change when Coronavirus changed wedding plans in a big way. Vada envisioned a gorgeous indoor ceremony followed by a reception for over 100 guests, but when the first round of COVID-19 government restrictions came into play three days before their wedding, Vada had to switch to an outdoor ceremony and cull her guest list FAST.

Despite all of this Coronavirus changed wedding plans mayhem, looking at the beautiful wedding photos you can see that Vada and Reuben still had a dreamy day with their nearest and dearest. Scroll through their wedding album exclusively here on One Fine Day. 


He proposed on our one-year anniversary. He had to do it on a special occasion, otherwise he knew I would be suspicious. He picked me up, surprised me with a drive down to the Gold Coast and had found a place at one my favourite spots in Emerald Lakes. We had a picnic and he sang me a few songs he had written for me. He then “found” a boat in the lake near where we were sitting and convinced me it was a “community” boat. He knew I wouldn’t just jump in a random person’s boat, so he had cleverly made a sign that said “For residents / visitors to use around the lake”. We got in and paddled around the lake and as we turned and paddled back under the bridge, he blindfolded me and told me had a surprise. When I lifted the blindfold up, the paddle boat lit up in fairy lights. I was confused at first, but soon realised that this boat wasn’t an accidental find. He told me to turn around and look behind me. When I did, I saw my closest friends standing on the grass each holding up a wooden letter that was also lit up in fairy lights that said “MARRY ME”. 

The Most Memorable Moment //

Three days before our wedding day, the Australian Government had imposed further gathering restrictions due to COVID-19. We had to made a quick decision to change our ceremony venue (as it was originally indoor) to an outdoor venue so that we could fit all the guests we wanted (less than 500). We also had to change our reception as we were only able to now have 100 people. It was a hectic and emotionally/physically exhausting few days. So, for me, the most memorable moment of our wedding day was stepping out of the car and seeing all our guests at our wedding ceremony despite the short notice in change of venue and the craziness leading up to the day and having the realisation I was about to get married.


Did you know what you wanted before shopping? Yes and no. I had an idea of what I wanted and what I definitely didn’t want, but I was also open to trying on different styles.

How did find your dress? Funny story – I wasn’t even intentionally dress shopping that day. My fiancé (now husband) and I took a road trip down to Toowoomba just for a date day. As we were walking around town, we walked past a wedding dress store (Brides of Toowoomba) and I noticed the dress on the mannequin. My husband also commented that he thought the dress was nice. I didn’t pay too much attention, but as we sat down at a café nearby, I thought to myself, “What’s the harm in trying it on?” So, I told him I would come back soon and I quickly went into the store and asked the staff to try on the dress. They had to pull my size off the mannequin and when I walked out of the change room, I realised I was having my ‘wedding dress moment’.

Your chosen designer: Madison James

Did you make any modifications to the wedding dress? Yes, I decided I wanted to add a bow to the back of my dress.


Classic yet statement earrings from Ayla and Oak and a veil. Coronavirus changed wedding plan, but not accessories!


That we would be going through a Global Pandemic in 2020… ha. Nah, honestly, I think a lot of people tell you to soak in every moment of the day, but I would also say to soak in the process of planning your wedding. I know some people may not enjoy wedding planning, but I honestly did. So I wish I knew to enjoy it more and document it more so that I could also look back on the planning journey.


Always think the best of them and always ask how you can love them better. It can be so easy to always think about yourself and how he or she is loving you and if they are loving you well or not meeting your love tank. However, I believe the meaning of true love is to be selfless and the best way to do that is to love on them more and more every day. If each partner is doing that, then you will both be wanting to just love and serve each other.


First Dance:  The Temptations, ‘My Girl’. “It was off the movie I was named after ‘VADA’.” // Walking down the aisle: Dan & Shay, ‘Speechless’ // Reception Entrance Song: Bruno Mars, ‘Finesse’.


Nothing I would change despite the government restrictions. It’s our story now and one day, Reuben and I will get to tell our grandkids the story of how we had to plan and re-plan a wedding in three days during a global pandemic. I wish I could re-live that whole day.


Wedding Venue // Sirromet Winery

Wedding Coordinator // Mikaela Burgess from Emporium South Bank

Videographer // The Smile Factory

Photographer// Alcorn Images

Earrings // Ayla and Oak

Wedding Dress // Madison James

Make Up // Yvonne Budiac

Hair // Stacey Barton

Bridal Bouquets & Grooms Button Holes // Borrowed Events

Floral Decoration // Brisbane Bouquets

Photobooth // Snaptured

DJ // DJ Enzzo



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