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Have you ever dreamed of tying the knot in one of the most prestigious properties in Australia? A luxurious state of the art home and acres of stunning gardens with a team on hand to look after every detail of your day? Pure indulgence on an unsurpassed level? Welcome to Ooralba Estate where dreams do come true.

Sitting amongst the rolling hills and exquisite views unique to Kangaroo Valley, Ooralba Estate is an exclusive private estate with an ultimate tailored experience for your Kangaroo Valley wedding.

At Ooralba Estate, every element of your wedding day is planned and executed to the highest standards.

Working with your choice of suppliers, their team will craft a wedding experience that will have your guests reminiscing for years to come.

Ooralba Estate is a luxury wedding venue where you don’t have to do a thing but savour every moment of your stay. Endless open spaces and contemporary sculpted areas offer endless options for your day that are limited only by your imagination.


About Ooralba Estate

The design of Ooralba Estate is spectacular and unique. Contemporary Australian architecture and original statement artworks join forces with modern luxuries and design technologies to create an extravagant retreat for guests.

Dramatic, soaring cathedral ceilings feature skylights and floor-to-ceiling glass walls bring a strong sense of light and space into this contemporary country homestead.

Ooralba Estate is a fully serviced property which comes with chef, butler and housekeeping. Each stay includes food and beverage and a concierge service.

(Photo by Dan Cartwritght Photography)



Ooralba Estate is nestled amongst the vast, peaceful and majestic ancient escarpment of Morton National Park. It is here that ancient stone monoliths tower over eucalyptus trees above the rolling green valley below.

Whilst wrapped in the luxury of the Estate, you and your guests will be immersed in the sweeping views of the iconic Kangaroo Valley landscape.

The Estate’s award-winning landscape design by renowned landscape architect Hugh Main, makes the perfect backdrop for your unforgettable wedding photography. Frolic between the amoeba maze, Tea House, silver birch forest, olive greens, kitchen garden and many more. There is no need to leave the property for your wedding photos leaving you with more time to enjoy with family and friends.

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Exclusivity & privacy

Ooralba Estate offers pure and natural luxury within absolute privacy.

Boasting extensive grounds, the Estate also exists within one of only seven enclosed valleys in the world, providing you with the utmost exclusivity and privacy for your special day.

The beautiful Kangaroo Valley escarpment and barriers perimeter-wide protect the exclusive grounds for the anonymity that you expect for your event.

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Enjoying the area

With its widespread grounds, beautiful landscaped gardens, swimming pool, library and sweeping views, the hardest part of your stay will be when it’s time to leave. Why not explore the unspoilt South Coast or stunning Southern Highlands?

The region is famous for wines, local produce and a range of dining experiences. Guests can enjoy bushwalking, kayaking, golf, horse riding, fishing, diving, stand-up paddle boarding or leisurely strolls along the South Coast’s pristine beaches.

The Ooralba Estate team can help you plan tailored excursions for your guests ahead of time.

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Tailored service

Ooralba Estate works with you to design your Kangaroo Valley wedding around your individual needs and taste.

The highly-experienced team will creater a seamless wedding experience – throughout every aspect of the day.

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Come & see the magic for yourself

Ooralba Estate is a mesmerising and spiritual place steeped in mythology – a complete natural wonder where time stands still.

Eat, drink and dance your wedding night away on our highly-acclaimed Estate. Have every peace of mind that you have a highly-experienced team at your every request.

Ooralba Estate – the unforgettable, luxurious wedding venue that will have you and your guests reminiscing for years to come. The ultimate destination wedding.


(Photoy by Robert Walsh)



The Ooralba Estate team will be showcasing their beautiful venue at the upcoming One Fine Day Sydney Fair. So why not make it a date, have a chat to the team of creatives and work out whether Ooralba Estate could be your perfect match for your Kangaroo Valley wedding?

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