February 2017 saw One Fine Day relocate from Australian Technology Park to their new home at the Cutaway Barangaroo. A relatively new space in Sydney and one that had yet to see an event on this scale.
From the concrete pillars, soaring ceilings and the mesmerising texture of the natural rock wall, the Cutaway was always going to impress.
And that it did…. Our incredible One Fine Day vendors once again proved why they are the best in the industry. Not only by creating some of the best spaces we have ever seen but by personally connecting with ticket holders. Year on year we receive feedback on just how LOVELY One Fine Day vendors are. And it’s true. And this is why we love what we do.
So, first and foremost a huge congrats to our vendors for once again presenting so beautifully. See below for a snapshot of images from the two days. Taken by our event photographer Michelle Fiona. Shooting this event is no mean task if this incredible lady can shoot over 100 vendors amongst over 3000 ticket holders, along with 12 models in 10 different looks on the runway without breaking a sweat, then you just know she’s going to nail it on your wedding day!!
 Special mentions to our sponsors Chambord, Gallivant, Benefit, Style Channel and our partners Petr Vackar, Aleksandra, Pop Up Gardens, Splendid Days, Your Song and Mine Tan.
 007_OFD17_MF014_OFD17_MF 010_OFD17_MF    023_OFD17_MF 039_OFD17_MF 060_OFD17_MF 069_OFD17_MF103_OFD17_MF
Thank you to Folk and Follow for their Engagement shoot prize – The lucky winners are Alyssa B + Leyla E
003_OFD17_MF  302_OFD17_MF072_OFD17_MF
What was did you like most about One Fine Day? From our ticket holders:
• The boutique feel, and the RUNWAY show- fab!
• The amount of effort the stalls went to in making the fair interactive and looking beautiful.
• Getting to connect with the talented vendors face to face in a relaxed environment.
 • Its a sophisticated event with a classy selection of vendors, and choice of venue. The VIP goodie bag has a considered mix of great treats. The event makes me feel so happy and excited about propective wedding.
• Everything! Great variety of vendors and loved the VIP experience!! Highly recommended to anyone about to get married
075_OFD17_MF 083_OFD17_MF 097_OFD17_MF  038_OFD17_MF
The lucky VIP winner of Wedding rings by Grew & Co is: Casey F
129_OFD17_MF 159_OFD17_MF 166_OFD17_MF  332_OFD17_MF 349_OFD17_MF

We are excited to announce Love 2 Love as One Fine Day – 1st prize / Favourite stall. Such a creative and effective concept. Who would think that white frame is made from plumbing pipes.

Oscar Hunt was our No.3 Favourite stall, beautiful finishes and branding, really setting a mood for the groom.

For those of you who voted for your favourite stall,  Milton Gan was voted Runner up.

464_OFD17_MF 481_OFD17_MF 501_OFD17_MF
The girls enjoying the Bridesmaids Corner
Gigi’s Wedding cake consultation Masterclass
OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__005 OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__007 OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__009
You voted La Petite as the WINNER of BEST STALL – yummo!
OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__020  OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__027
Oh my, for the best eyebrows around head to your nearest Benefit Brow bar.
The beautiful floral installation by Flora Folk in the Bridesmaids corner (and the Ticket desk).
Aleksandra and Shannon, the floral magicians created a gorgeous oasis of floral wonder for our guests to enjoy. Using an arrangement of unique and unusual specimens Aleks brought a sense of calm and beauty into the space. We love seeing images of these pop up all over social media!

OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__034 OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__038

The beautiful VIP area Styled by Gallivant Catering & Styling.
OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__047 OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__055 OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__067 OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__068 OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__070 OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__073 OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__074 OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__076
The lovely couple from Pop up Gardens, they also supplied our beautiful Ticket desk backdrop and plants around the space.
We voted Lucy Leonardi’s stall 2nd place, such a unique stand design + environmentally friendly!
OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__078  OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__106
Hair and Makeup by PV Hair & Makeup
OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__109 OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__125 OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__135 OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__159 OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__167 OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__172 OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__174
Chambord provided an awesome 4567 cocktails to our guests, expertly mixed and poured by the fab Gallivant team. Benefit ensured our ticket holders ( and us) were walking around the fair with the best-groomed eyebrows ever seen en masse!
Despite the incredible heat Pop Up Gardens managed to provide us with the lushest ( and real!!) green wall, along with plants of every size and variety throughout the fair. There really is nothing like the real thing and Pop Up Gardens really made a quite industrial space feel so special. THANK YOU, Emilie and Ian two of the hardest workers we’ve ever seen!!

OFD_Melb_2017Fair_Mari__178 OFD_Syd_2017Fair_Mari__214 OFD_Syd_2017Fair_Mari__230  OFD_Syd_2017Fair_Mari__289  OFD_Syd_2017Fair_Mari__298


For those of you who were part of the runway show audience, you will have noticed the stunning hair and makeup provided and art directed by Petr Vackar and his team.(For a more in-depth look at the runway check out this post here.) The girls were also given a subtle bronze glow by the Mine Tan team. Super professional and great to work with. Tunes on the runway were once again provided by the cool cats at We are Your Song. You can download the tracks from the show right here. Backstage space was super glam this year with the marquee provided by Splendid Days. A huge thank you to all of our event partners!
And so that’s a wrap for 2017! Thank you, everyone, for coming. Melbourne and Perth we’ll be seeing you really soon!!
XX the OFD team XX
Photo credits: Event photographer Michelle Fiona + One Fine Collective.
Runway Blog post – See every dress that featured on the runway, February 2017.
Video by: In a maze Films