One Fine Day Perth Runway Show Recap & Images by the talented Amanda Alessi

Thank you for having us Perth! We LOVED the energy and atmosphere that you created on Sunday 12th June!
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The Runway Show was electric and exciting, showcasing the best & most talented designers from the West Coast such as Zanzis Couture, Bridal by Aubrey Rose, Elvi Design, Harriette Gordon, Holly Barker Millinery & Collezione Couture teamed with Parker & Co and Briggins who fitted our male models looking slick & classic.

Our Runway Show had an awesome soundtrack by the The White Tree, which was teamed with Clifton Perth who produced the runway set up.

Our models were under the creative direction of Nic Hair, Makeup & Spray Tan which showcased the latest trend of gold leaf throughout the hair.

Stacey from Stacey Clark Weddings created an amazing installation showcasing amazing gold metallic chairs by our major sponsor Event Artillery. The OFD gold acrylic signage made by the lovely ladeis at XOXO Design, Perth.

A big thank you to Amanda Alessi for these stunning images below and we cannot wait to see you next year Perth!


Anna Campbell

Anna campbell wedding dress OFD_Perth16_Runway-0022 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0117 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0120

Bridal By Aubrey RoseOFD_Perth16_Runway-0074 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0075 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0078 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0081 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0082 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0084 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0192

Collezione Bridal

OFD_Perth16_Runway-0032 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0034 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0035 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0036

Ellie & Violet

OFD_Perth16_Runway-0043 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0045

Elvi Design

OFD_Perth16_Runway-0048 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0049


OFD_Perth16_Runway-0025 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0026 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0027

Harriette Gordon

OFD_Perth16_Runway-0029 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0030 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0130 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0131

Helen Rodrigues

OFD_Perth16_Runway-0053 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0156 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0160

Karen Willis Holmes

OFD_Perth16_Runway-0013 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0016 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0087 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0090 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0092 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0096 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0099 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0101 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0105

Leah Da Gloria

OFD_Perth16_Runway-0174 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0066 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0067

Mira Mandic

OFD_Perth16_Runway-0058 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0060

Nora & Elle

OFD_Perth16_Runway-0039 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0041 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0141

Parker & Co

OFD_Perth16_Runway-0038 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0037 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0047 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0068 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0069

Sarah Janks

OFD_Perth16_Runway-0061 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0063 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0064 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0065 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0062

White Runway

OFD_Perth16_Runway-0147 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0148 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0042

Zanzis Couture

OFD_Perth16_Runway-0070 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0071 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0072 OFD_Perth16_Runway-0184

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