Tinder Out, Prenups In, Hash Tags get the #thumbsup but Marriage Equality Wins.

Yesterday saw us hold our first One Fine Day media event of 2016, the Bridal Breakfast, hosted by E! Entertainment presenter Ksenija Lukich at the beautiful Chiswick at The Gallery.

The breakfast saw us discuss the latest findings from our inaugural wedding survey, including how to meet your life partner, same sex marriages, wedding costs and prenups. Guests also heard the latest wedding trends from industry leaders including beauty expert Hannah Terret of Benefit, floral designer Aleksandra Keast, wedding planner Jason Kates of Love 2 Love, milliner Viktoria Novak and Designer Karen Willis Holmes.
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Bridal BreakfastChiswick Long Shot DoubleAleksandra FloralsWhile Australia continues to lag behind major countries including USA, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Brazil and New Zealand in recognition of same-sex unions, when it came to the question of marriage equality, there was no disputing the modern take and open mindedness of this topic. 95% of One Fine Wedding respondents agreed with marriage equality, regardless of faith, party, race or sexuality. They believe that civil unions are not a substitute for marriage equality. Religious ceremonies are appearing to becoming less important with 58% stating they did not feel the need to mark their commitment to each other with a religious formality.

Looking for love? In this technologically advanced world of faster-paced lifestyles and online communication, if you thought meeting your loved one on dating websites or apps, such as RSVP and Tinder, was the way to go, then think again!  Only 7% of survey respondents met through this apparently popular method, whilst almost 40% met the traditional way by being introduced to their partner through friends. Meeting in a bar is also still more successful than online with 14% of respondents confirming they met their partner this way.
Bridal Breakfast, Nadean, Lukich, MarissaBridal Breakfast CandidBridal Breakfast Guest SpeakersHowever technology does prevail on the day with the acceptance of the use of social media at weddings. Couples are increasingly creating individual hashtags for guests to use on their special day and 95% of respondents confirming they are okay for it to be used in some capacity on the day.  40% stated guests could use it at the reception but not the ceremony, 30% said social media could be used within provided guidelines, and 25% stated their guests could ‘go crazy’.

If compromise and shared financial values are keys to a successful marriage then prenups are the way to go with 60% of respondents being okay with them. Out of this figure, 40% said they had no issue at all with a prenup, 20% said they would be happy to consider one. Only 20% of respondents still consider prenups to be insulting.

Pre-marriage counseling was not a priority for many respondents with only 16% of respondents considering pre-marriage counseling or advice. A further 15% said their marriage preparation would come in the form of a ‘marriage preparation course’ with their priest or minister, whilst 23% considered talking to parents or mentors about the secrets to a successful marriage was enough. 40% of survey respondents confirmed they would not seek out any pre-marriage counseling or advice.
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Director of One Fine Day, Nadean Richards said, ‘the results from our inaugural survey of over 1000 people have been fascinating and we are already putting plans in place to further enhance our offering in response to the survey’s findings’. In today’s society, we are witnessing more and more couples being innovative and exploring creativity around the planning and execution of their special day, and it is important to understand what they think of traditional principles versus modern day living and how they incorporate them together for their special day. One Fine Day prides itself on delivering a modern and on-trend wedding fair, unlike traditional bridal expos, and caters to contemporary couples. These insights have further confirmed that One Fine Day is leading the way in meeting the market in a current and evolving climate.

When it comes to how much people are willing to spend on a wedding 28% of respondents are prepared to spend between $30k-$40k, a further 28% are prepared to spend $20k-$30k.Big budget, lavish weddings with a budget of $70k or over were the least popular with less than 3% of respondents in this budget bracket.

The tradition of the father-of-the bride paying for the wedding is not a modern trait today with less than 2% saying the father of bride should pay for the entire wedding. 46% of respondents prefer to split the wedding costs between both couples’ parents and the couple themselves and 37% stated the couple should cover the costs themselves.
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The other big question surrounding weddings is the celebration afterwards, the duration and where couples are choosing for their honeymoon. Longer getaways of 2-3 weeks were most popular with 51% going away for this amount of time.  No expense spared but shorter trips was the next most popular option with 20% of respondents of selecting this. With its alluring romantic reputation, it’s no surprise that Europe took out the prize for being the leading destination for an ideal honeymoon and a tropical beach holiday was predictably a popular style for honeymoons with 39% selecting this as type of experience and 13% selecting an adventure honeymoon including hiking, safari and scuba diving.

Huffington Post and Daily Mail have recently reported on the findings and key wedding trends from our survey.
Bridal Breakfast Guests 3Bridal Breakfast Gift BagsBridal Breakfast SpeechBridal Breakfast HostThe event was proudly supported by:

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Many thanks to our guest expert panel including: Hannah Terret of Benefit, floral designer Aleksandra Keast, wedding planner Jason Kates of Love 2 Love, milliner Viktoria Novak and Designer Karen Willis Holmes.

Photography by Anna Turner