Sprig and Poet is an atelier dedicated to creating bespoke artworks for key moments, including watercolour artwork of your wedding day.

I see watercolour painting as the perfect medium to depict a wedding and all of the details surrounding that day. A bespoke wedding watercolour artwork is something utterly personal to you. Subtly emotive and poignant, here is a rare opportunity to paint the memory.

My service begins with the creative vision for your stationery and invitations and expands into portraits of your gown, the setting for your ceremony and reception  and the enduring beauty of your flowers. I see this process as a unique compliment to photography, a chance to deepen the sense of ritual and private tradition.

To create large scale portraits of each or any of these elements is the offering of Sprig and Poet. Other creative services include completely original monograms, calligraphy and themed artwork for weddings and other pivotal social occasions.  The atelier also creates limited edition art prints and art for the home.

Commissions for artwork can be made individually or in a package that involves different stages of your wedding including everything from the Save the Date announcement right through to the moment your dress and flowers are to be painted after the wedding day. Watercolour artwork has a way of bringing the aesthetic of a wedding together and I work with clients in several ways. For engagements, announcements, invitations and artwork for stationery, I work with the bride, groom, wedding planner and/or florist to fit art to your themes or help inspire them. To create a major portrait of your dress I can paint either side of the wedding and am happy to work with the actual gown or detailed well lit photographic sources. To paint your wedding flowers I also work with photography and all I ask is that the photographer allow for a few nice detailed images, this idea applies to venue portraits, wedding party images, ceremony portraits and still life work as well. Commissioned wedding watercolour artwork can also be given as a gift.

Please expect a 4 week minimum for delivery of commissioned works. For events and graphic commissions I will work as closely and diligently with your event calendar as possible.


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