Mickey Loves Jacqui


Having met at work in an agency in 2007, Mickey + Jacqui quickly became friends. Working together closely, Mickey’s love for all things paper + design was infectious. Soon enough, we were engaged and looking for something different for our wedding stationery. After hunting high and low for a suitable print method to reflect the most important day of our lives (before the birth of our two daughters), we decided that letterpress was for us! Shortly after returning from our honeymoon, we found a neglected press in a small local printer, brought it home and got it back to printing condition over the next few months.

What started out as a bit of a side hustle quickly turned into more work than we could handle in our spare time- this was back in 2012. Step forward several years and countless print projects to today. We strive for excellence on every job we undertake, with keen eyes and strict standards on what we expect of every sheet of paper that is kissed by any of our machines.


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