Yay what another amazing fair! We spent last weekend in Victoria with some of the very best boutique bridal vendors for our Melbourne fair.

We were super excited to bring the fair to so many amazing couples looking to plan their perfect dream day, so thank you to everyone who attended the fair and made it the success it was!

Extra special thanks go to our sponsors, Jacobs Creek, G-Vine and Dann Event Hire and to our partners Grew and Co, Oh My Booth, Mickey Loves Jacqui, Briggins, Posy, Byron Bay Cookie Company, The Olsen Art Series Hotel and Hello May.

Walking around Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building we were really blown away by the incredible creativity and services of our vendors, each and every stall was bursting with unique inspiration so we owe you all a big thank you!

Gold ticket holders had a super special day thanks to Dann Event Hire who put together a very luxurious VIP lounge, and Trophy Wife who transformed our VIP bride’s nails too! Thank you to Peter Rowland for your awesome VIP staff members, and By The Glass for their incredible VIP service.

Brides were blown away by the incredible runway show put together by our fashion team featuring stunning gowns from Karen Willis Holmes, Sarah Janks, Mariana Hardwick and Anna Campbell, (see the full list of designers in our runway recap here). Grooms were well taken care of thanks to a great selection of menswear brands on the runway including MJ Bale and Briggins. Thank you to Pure Chica for styling our beautiful model’s hair, and to Kate McCleary for makeup!

Big hugs go to the Mary Mary Studio team for putting together the most beautiful floral installation for the runway, and I Heart Flowers created a stunning installation for our Bridesmaid’s Corner.

Thank you for visiting, here is a selection of our favourite photos from the weekend captured by the talented Nicholas Joel Photography.

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If you missed out on this fair make sure you grab your tickets to our Perth fair on 17 April, or head to our One Fine Day directory where you can find all of our incredible vendors and our Instagram for daily inspo! Congrats to our One Fine Day Melbourne VIP Competition winners: 1st prize: H.Lehman 2nd prize: J Jones