Interior design isn’t the first thing you think of when you’re planning your wedding, but a thoughtful use of space within your venue can make a huge difference to the overall feel of your event. Today’s post is from our friends Katie and Erica at DY.o Events, who talk us through designing a gorgeous wedding in Fremantle.

There are two of us at the helm of DY.o events – one of us is a Florist and one an Interior Designer. When it comes to floral art most of our clients are across the current trends, they know what flowers they like or dislike and have chosen their bridal flowers long before meeting with us! But when it comes to Event Design and the “what, where & how” their venue should work, look and feel our clients turn to us.


A well-designed space functions with ease and has a sense that it just feels right. We get many comments from guests that say, “That was such a great event, such a cool vibe!” and whilst some of this has to do with the carefully curated food & beverage selections, styling or entertainment, a lot has to do with how carefully we have considered each allocation of space. Thoughtful Interior Design really does matter.


So, whenever we are given a space to design we often look at the practicalities of the space  – where is the entry, what will guests see first, what do we want the guests to see first. Where do the features need to be, are there any obvious areas to activate, how will guests circulate and interact with the spaces, and how do we make guests feel as comfortable as possible.

Image One

We recently completed a Wedding at Fremantle’s PS Art Space, a restored heritage listed building constructed in 1907. The space is a good representation of the Federation Style Warehouse of this era and has scale and form whilst being classically simple, with two significant original interior features (heritage Eastern wall and Northern stairs). When our Bride & Groom advised us they had selected PS Art Space we secretly did a little happy dance! Even better our clients both wanted classic, streamlined and the venue’s character to be highlighted.

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With the ceremony and reception both being at PS Art Space we needed to design the space to be multifunctional, however, the layout had to be changed quickly and without disruption to the guests. The bride and groom also wanted to be married with the heritage wall as the hero backdrop, this enabled us to design the space in such as way that only the entry portion of the venue needed to be activated for the ceremony.

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PS Art Space has an oversized entry (one way in, one way out) so this set the foundation for the arrival experience. Guests walked into the space first seeing the ceremony set up and secondly the strategically placed gift table. After the ceremony, the bride & groom led guests into the bar area adjacent (cue signature cocktails!) which enabled a quick turnaround of the ceremony set up to become the casual dining and dancing areas. Designing the music in a position that worked for both the ceremony and reception layout, meant this element continued to entertain throughout the layout changes.


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PS Art Space is a large space with no back of house kitchen space, so we designed in 3m high white curtain separation, that ran over 30 lineal meters. White was chosen as a continuation of the white gallery wall and this also added a soft-lit backdrop to the lounge area.

The cake table and speech area were deliberately positioned in front of the second main heritage feature, the staircase – which meant guests were able to enjoy the character of the space. Adjacent to this area and to one side was the dance floor, to the other custom built dining spaces.  The last element included in the space was a photobooth, again purposefully positioned in the outermost point of the warehouse to draw guests into the large, oversized space.

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The styling then became quite natural to the classic but streamlined brief.  Greenery was used to highlight the heritage features, with ruby reds and navy injected as the bride and groom’s preferred colours. Furniture classics such as Bentwoods, Chesterfields and Hairpins were used to create the seating precincts and lighting was added for ambience.

As Interior Designers, we are trained to listen and skilled to take a client’s vision and make it a reality. Whilst we like certain styles we do not impose these on our couples! Our designs are based on what our client likes and we finesse, fine tune and add layers of detail to create something special.

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Venue: PS Art Space

Wedding Planners & Stylists: DY.o events

Florist: DY.o events

Lighting: Micktric Events

Photography: Jasmine Ann Gardiner

Furniture: Hire Society, Her Handpicked Harvest, Borrowed Beginnings, PS Art Space

Food: Creative Catering

Beverages: The Crafty Barman