It is such a challenge to find the perfect wedding venue to suit your guest numbers, your ceremony preferences and ultimately the look and feel that you are after. When it comes to turning a possibly not-so-ideal function space or outdoor setting into a perfect match for the vibe you are going for, wedding hire can be your saviour.

Any venue can be turned into a visual delight at a very cost effective price point with prop, decor and equipment hire. If a venue ticks all the boxes with the exception of the finishing touches then it is time to seek help,

Who better to check in with than the experts at Simply Seated, who offer an extensive range of pieces for hire to cater to any taste.

They are a boutique wedding and event hire company based in Sydney who also cater to weddings and events in greater NSW, such as the Southern Highlands, South Coast, Central Coast, Newcastle, the Hunter Valley or Central NSW.

Their high quality furniture and bespoke decor will ensure you are sitting pretty with a range of seating, lounges, tables, dinnerware, props and decor items.

The team of Simply Seated will join One Fine Day Sydney on 9+10 February. We had a chat to them about all things venue styling and are sharing some of their expert tips with you for simple ways to transform even the most challenging space.


Find your style and stick with it

“Identify the look and feel that you want for your big day and stick with it. If you choose a boho wedding, work with boho furniture or decor to complete the look for a consistent wedding experience. Never mix styles just because the venue only has certain pieces of furniture to work with.”


Chat to us before signing up for a venue

“With such a large number of venues out there it is a good idea to chat to the experts before you commit.  Let us work out which unique decor or furniture pieces can take a rather boring space from bland to wow. If you have a large number of wedding guests to cater to you might be limited in terms of venues that can accommodate your big day, so adding stylish finishing touches through wedding hire can work wonders and secure you a venue suited to your price point.”


Listen to the wedding hire experts

“Styling any venue or ceremony space to fit a particular look is trickier than you think and takes years of experience to get right. Let us guide you as you go along. The many weddings we have worked our magic on have taught us a lesson or two on what works and what doesn’t.”


A marquee can be the perfect blank canvas

“We have heard many misperceptions when it comes to marquees and we beg to differ with the stereotype of marquees being without character. A marquee is your perfect blank canvas to work in any location your hear desires. They easily adapt to any style and provide endless styling opportunities. Add magical lighting and character through props and you have yourself the perfect ‘mobile’ wedding venue that can travel with you to the location of your dreams.”


Table settings don’t need to be stock standard

“Be brave and infuse some personality into your table decor. There are so many delightful combinations that will turn bland tables into visual delights. Work with colour and different textures to entice your wedding guests to turn your big day into instaworthy storytelling.”


Outdoor receptions can create magical settings

“It might be for the braver couples, but depending on your wedding location and your trust in the local weather, but setting up a grand outdoor reception is a magical way to make the most of the more than breathtaking Australian landscapes out there. Add exquisite lighting and outdoor props and you have yourself a wedding that your guests will speak about for years to come.”


Simply Seated will be more than happy to part with tips and tricks to suit venue options you have in mind if you swing by their stall at One Fine Day Sydney.

And as a special treat, anyone who visits their stand and books a wedding hire package with Simply Seated at the Fair will receive a 15% discount off their package price. Simply pay the 30% deposit on or before 28 February 2019 to benefit from this deal exclusive to visitors to the Fair.

If you haven’t sorted out your tickets to One Fine Day Sydney on 9+10 February as yet, head over to the ticket page here and check out the various ticket options. We can’t wait to see you!