You’re engaged, you’ve booked your Hair & Makeup artist, now where to go from here? Karissa McLaren and Michelle Gataric from KM MAKEUP STUDIOS have over two decades of combined international experience in bridal, runway, editorial, beauty and red carpet styling. We caught up with the ladies and chatted about their favourite products, hot tips and how to decide on the finer details of the Wedding Hair and Makeup that is right for you. Let’s jump right in with some FAQs…

Karissa McLaren and Michelle Gataric from KM MAKEUP STUDIOS

Lash Extensions or Strip Lashes

“If you have your heart set on lash extensions we recommended a trial with a highly skilled artist. They will choose the length and curl that will suit your eye shape. Choose a style that is tasteful.”

“We love to use natural strip lashes on your wedding day as we can customize the right shape for your eye and desired look.  A strip lash cleans up the lash line and “dresses up” the makeup.”

“If you have straight lashes, we are obsessed with a yumi lash lift!”

Airbrush or Regular Makeup

“Ultimately, the choice between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup comes down to personal needs and preferences.”

“Airbrush makeup is a fine product sprayed onto the face in thin layers to give you a flawless and matte finish.  We love using this on women that want full coverage or have problematic skin. Keep in mind that it won’t give you the same glowing finish that traditional makeup will. It won’t work on women who have a lot of fine hair on their face or deep wrinkles.”

“Traditional makeup is more flexible when it comes to building the desired coverage and finish. You can choose from matte, glow, sheer, medium, opaque, semi matte and the list goes on. We work the product into the skin which allows us to be more involved and detailed. It gives the artist more control over the outcome.”

Glowy or Matte

“This really comes down to you, your skin type and the look you want to achieve. We have many different options of primers, foundations and powders that can create any look. At your trial a professional should discuss your options and advise what will best suit your situation.”

“If a bride with oily skin wants to achieve a natural glow, we create that with powders. For dry skin we use skincare and liquid highlighters.”

Spray Tan or Au Natural

“The secret to a glowing bride is a glowing tan. A spray tan will even out your skin tone and blend your face, neck and shoulders. It also helps to make your makeup POP!”

“Do your research and have a trial with a trusted professional. We personally love the Sun Escape spray tan solution as it gives you a gorgeous natural glow that nourishes your skin. In saying that, if you are blessed with English rose porcelain skin no tan is necessary!”

Natural or Glam

“With all our brides we focus on enhancing their natural beauty and create a stunning, flawless application that lasts all day. We bring out your best features without using heavily applied and outdated makeup. We use years of experience working within the fashion and bridal industry to create flattering contemporary looks.”

Hot Tips from KM Makeup Studios

How to achieve Red Carpet Hair…

Correct highlight placement will give any hairstyle dimension and definition.  This will be the difference between good hair and amazing red carpet hair.

How to Glow Like an Angel…

If you have clear skin to begin with, your make-up will sit beautifully and last longer on your wedding day.

KM loves

Dermaplaning:  A small sterile scalpel gently shaves the skins surface removing the top layer of dead skin along with fine vellus hair. This is a painless and non-invasive treatment which will make your makeup glide on and glow!

Magic Products For Your Touch-Up Bag

Walk down the aisle, dance the night away, and ensure everything stays in place. These are some of the ladies’ favourite products any bride should take on the day.

  • MAC “Next to Nothing” Pressed Powder – micro-sized particles that effortlessly absorb and mattify your skin with a touch of moisture and a shot of soft glow
  • Pack the lipstick that you decided on at your trial. KM Makeup Studios love using the Charlotte Tilbury range.

At KM Makeup Studios the ladies will talk you through your pre-wedding beauty needs as any true professional should.  Head over to the KM Makeup Studios website for more tips and tricks and get in touch to book your trial for your wedding in Brisbane and surrounds.