Our Real Wedding today comes from our friends at Folk + Follow Photography. You can meet their lovely team at our Sydney Wedding Fair tomorrow at The Cutaway at Barangaroo

Lexi and Matt are really fun and beautiful people. They were like the best couple!!

On the day of the wedding, they chose to spend time together before the ceremony and had their first look and family photos. Later on, while Matthew went ahead to the ceremony, Lexi did a secret dress change!

“Both of my dresses were from Grace Loves Lace. I couldn’t pick! So I decided on both. Matthew and I did the first look and family photos in the afternoon before the ceremony, so he saw my dress before the ceremony! I still wanted the shock effect when he saw me walk the aisle, so did a quick dress change <3,” Lexi shared.

Lexi and Matt are totally non-traditionalists and non-conformists and follow their wild hearts. In fact, they’ve not been officially married on paper because in their words “marriage is not an institution or a government telling you what it is, it’s an agreement between two people that deeply love each other.”  Instead they chose to draw up their own marriage certificate and were married by their sister.
Originally, Lexi wasn’t going to take Matt’s name, but she had decided to do it and then surprise him during the ceremony to which he expressed his deep gratitude and emotion. It was really beautiful to witness.

Instead of bridesmaids, Lexi had her two best bridesmen by her side, and they gifted her the most beautiful crystal/stone. I think these guys just sincerely shut off from what society “deems” a wedding and marriage and did everything they wanted to do. It was so great to be a part of.