Lauren Evans Celebrant

Lauren Evans Celebrant delivers ceremonies that are just one big celebration of you – what makes YOUR relationship awesome, why you love each other, what annoys you about each other, the whole shebang!

I like making friends with strangers, having a good laugh, and wandering down Perth alley ways followed by a professional photographer.

There are hundreds of celebrants in Perth, but you’ve found your way to my page, so let me tell you why you should choose Lauren Evans Celebrant:


  • Every registered celebrant will get you married, but not all celebrants will celebrate YOU.
  • Ever been to a ceremony where it has nothing to do with the couple getting married and you find yourself wondering how long till beers? Not with Lauren Evans Celebrant.
  • My ceremonies are fully personalised to reflect your vibe, throwing out the door those things that don’t mean anything to you, and championing the things that do. My aim is to deliver a ceremony full of laughter, fun and positive vibes, ensuring that you and your guests are relaxed and ready to party from the very first moment.
  • Because every relationship is different, so should every ceremony be different. Your ceremony should reflect who you are, and what makes your relationship special. It’s the good and the bad, the things you love about each other and the things that shit you to tears – because that’s what makes your relationship yours, and no one else’s.
  • You know how to get a killer vibe going from the get go? It’s simple – make it all out you!The world is your oyster and I will go above and beyond to make sure your ceremony is perfect for you. Don’t make your guests suffer through another boring ceremony.

There’s no reason your ceremony has to be that-thing-you-need-to-get-through-before-the-party, instead, why not start the party with the whole reason everyone has gathered, your marriage ceremony!

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