Khatira Alina

While earning her design foundations in East Sydney, Khatira worked as an Assistant Designer for Dolina Fashion Group, Australia’s largest fashion house. During this time, she was mentored by designer Kerry W whose inspiration is prevalent in Khatira’s design process and will always remain in Khatira’s fondest memories.

In 2005, Khatira started working as an assistant designer for Mode For Brides Australia and it’s here where Khatira discovered that Bridal fashion is where her heart truly lies.

In 2006, Khatira met the head designer of Maggie Sottero, Sophia Tolli, and joined her team as a design assistant for one of the most recognised international bridal labels in the world.

In 2008, Khatira became the youngest designer for Maggie Sottero and flourished under the guidance of the admirable design director Lesley W, a privilege that Khatira appreciates.

Being responsible for multiple Number 1 selling designs with the Maggie Sottero label, Khatira grew her diversity over the following years by designing for Sottero & Midgley and Rebecca Ingram.

After many years of designing for these high-calibre brands, Khatira has now embarked on her own creative direction, accompanied with her passion, a keen eye, and a strong foundation grounded in a wealth of exceptional experience.

Here and now is where the magic of Khatira Alina begins, with a ready-to-wear couture and custom line available nationally

Khatira is passionate about life, and fashion is just one facet of her expression. She also loves photography, art, music, travel and, of course, her morning coffee is very important to her!

In between her busy schedule, you’ll find Khatira at the beach, in the city, at an art gallery, travelling the worl

Khatira has an impeccably trained eye for touches of luxury. Present in every experience she engages in, Khatura is uniquely herself which transcends to the fashion she designs.


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