Bridesmaids Only brings you an undeniably stunning collection of bridesmaid gowns from Australian and international designers. Over the past three years, Talia Sasson and Bella Kaye have literally travelled the world in search of the best bridesmaid dresses, and because the mother and daughter duo understand that every bridesmaid is unique, they’ve made sure their collection is home to classic and on-trend designs that will suit all shapes, sizes and tastes. You will be sure to find beautiful dresses to make each of your maids feel special on your big day!

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Come along to One Fine Day and speak to Talia and Bella in person, or head to the Bridesmaids Only website to book appointment at their brand new showroom, or browse the online collection. The website even allows you to create a virtual “bridal party” online to share your favourite dresses and inspiration with your maids, at your leisure.

One Fine Day wedding Fair will be held on September 5th and 6th in Sydney.

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