Hands up: Who cringes at the thought of over-the-top, contrived shots with a wedding photographer? Yeah, us too.

Hands up: Who has been in a bridal party and been asked to do a bunch of random poses by the photographer that literally made no sense? Yeah, us too. Because nothing says ‘love’ like a bunch of fully-grown adults jumping in the air at the same time.

That’s where wedding photographer Anna Turner comes into play. Real moments and real emotions are infinitely more interesting to her than creating elaborate, unnatural or posed compositions.

She seeks truth and authenticity in her images and can’t see any value in cheesy, contrived creations. Rest assured, Anna won’t ask you to stand in awkward, fake poses.

We chose Anna as the perfect down-to-earth wedding photographer extraordinaire to share her tips for a wedding that is true to yourself.

Here are her top 3 tricks that she shares with her close girlfriends when they get engaged:


Don’t be afraid to do it your way

“It’s your day after all! No one else’s. If there is one thing that’s for certain it’s that as soon as you announce your engagement you will receive a ton of very specific, unsolicited advice (totally well-meaning but perhaps not totally well-suited). Every wedding is different and what worked for one couple may not work for another.”

“What feels good for you two? Like with any big decision in life trusting your gut rarely backfires.”

Don’t be afraid to Interrogate your views on traditions

“There are loads of things that we are ‘supposed’ to do on our wedding day – from getting ready separately to having an even ratio of female bridesmaids to male groomsmen, from cutting a cake to having a choreographed first dance. I’m with Marie Kondo on this one – if it doesn’t spark joy (or the idea of it makes you feel uncomfortable) don’t be afraid to alter the tradition to something that feels more ‘you’ or ditch it completely.”

Focus on how you want to feel rather than what you want the day to look like

“It takes the pressure off and makes your day bullet proof. Pinterest and I are very good mates and great styling makes me squeal. I can only imagine the unbridled joy of watching a year’s worth of planning coming together. However, no matter how much of a bad arse planner you are there are certain things that are impossible to control i.e. the weather.”

“I’ve watched couples giggle, banter and celebrate their way through heat waves, torrential rain, bush fires, venue changes at the last minute, missing guests, forgotten rings or dresses being left on planes. They embraced the chaos and the messiness and still had the best day of their lives.”

If you feel like you and Anna would get on, flick her an email at [email protected] and meet up for a cuppa/cheeky mid-week vino and a chat about all things wedding. Or suss her out via her website first www.annaturnerweddings.com.au.