Brad and I (Alison), were married on Wednesday 20th April 2016 in the Blue Mountains. We had a private ceremony and dinner with 40 of our family and closest friends. It was exactly what we wanted but we also really wanted the opportunity to celebrate with the rest of our friends in Newcastle, so we had a reception on the following Saturday 23rd April.

It was a casual, cocktail style, event held in a friend’s old and rustic glassmaking warehouse in Newcastle West. We had beautiful cheese and dessert grazing tables with paella for dinner and a live band to get the dance floor going!

Brad and I went to the One Fine Day fair early on in our wedding prep, just to get a few ideas initially. I was really excited and was lucky enough that Brad was willing to tag along. I’m sure he enjoyed it too ;)

Because we were planning the ceremony in the Blue Mountains, we thought it might be more convenient to work with Sydney suppliers so One Fine Day was a perfect outlet.

We looked at photographers, caterers, floristry vendors and suit options for Brad. I had already had my heart set on a Leah Da Gloria gown, as I’ve worked with her before, so I wasn’t necessarily looking at gowns.

We entering a few competitions and were so, so lucky to win the Milk and Honey Photography package and everything turned out perfect! We really still cannot believe how blessed we are to be so lucky.

Even though we didn’t make other decisions until further down the track, we ended up coming back to ilBacio for our catering and Briggins for Brad’s suit.

We were so happy with everything, we could have asked for anything more.

The bar we had a drink before in the reception is called Basement on Market St Newcastle.

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Suppliers / vendors

Newcastle photographers // Milk and Honey Photography

Dress and veil // Leah Da Gloria

Suit // Briggins

Blue Mountains catering // il Bacio

Flowers // Flower Stories

Makeup // Cathy Flanagan