Common perception is that planning a wedding is something that anyone can manage. The results will vary greatly though! If you are after piece of mind during your wedding day and are keen to benefit from insider tips and tricks then we highly recommend working with a wedding planner or stylist (or both). They will assist with those little details they have picked up working in the wedding industry and pretty much guarantee wedding success.

Fable Studio Co is one of the top wedding planning and styling teams in Sydney. We have caught up with Wendy from Fable Studio Co who is letting us in on her top 6 strategies for wedding success and those memories that will still blow your mind years after your big day.


Pick the right venue


“Obviously everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to their wedding, such as location, view, size, interior style and catering options.

Apart from these factors that will vary from wedding to wedding, one of the most important aspects of your venue choice should be ‘character’. The character of a venue has to connect with your journey, you as a couple and match your story.

Also make sure to avoid over-sized venues for the number of guests attending your wedding. Your set-up will appear lost within the space and you will need more decorative furniture or props to fill the empty space to achieve an intimate and cosy feel. These are all additional costs that can be avoided by selecting a perfectly sized venue.”


Avoid middle-of-the-day outdoor ceremonies


“The peak wedding season in Australia falls within those warmer months of the year where you benefit from sunshine and all those happy vibes. If you are planning a summer wedding, keep in mind to stay clear of outside ceremonies during the day or at least arrange a shady setup with the poor groom and groomsmen in mind. They usually spend a fair amount of time waiting for the bride to arrive in a getup that is not too heat-friendly. The sun will also cast heavy shadows on your faces and will impact the quality of your photography.”


Insect protection

“Let’s continue with that thought of a magical outdoor ceremony in lush garden settings. The backdrop certainly is stunning, but what about the sneaky insects that like how you taste? Ensure you have insect repellent on standby for yourselves, the bridal party and your wedding guests. The same applies to romantic outdoor receptions where subdued lighting attracts little critters. Be kind to your guests and save their skin (literally).”


Style to match your environment

“It can be tempting to copy a wedding style you have seen on Instagram or Pinterest just because you have fallen in love with it. One big mistake is not to select a venue that complements that particular style. So many times couples lock in a wedding venue for its location, but then realise down the track that the look and feel they had in mind does not suit the venue. We recommend to work out your look and feel before you go venue-hunting so you can picture the design pieces you have in mind on location. This will guarantee that the story you want to tell on your wedding day becomes more meaningful and more than just pretty.

As a rough guide, heritage houses attract vintage pieces while beachside venues work a treat with a modern coastal look and feel. Do your research in advance and stick to your guns!”


Photography 101

“After years of working with the best wedding photographers in the biz we have picked up a fair few tricks to turn your snaps into amazing pieces of art.

If you only have a limited budget for your wedding day, focus on a number of wow-factor styling pieces at the wedding venue. A great location for these standout style elements usually is near the bridal table as the couple spends a fair amount of time in that part of the venue.

Believe me, once the first photos come through you will appreciate the money you spent on those few key pieces within your venue.”


Make it personal


“It can be tricky to make your wedding a standout event among the many ceremonies your guests have attended. There are only so many coastal weddings you can attend before they become a big blur.

One of the key strategies to stand out is adding personalised touches to your big day. Personalised backdrops, sharing interesting experiences with your guests or letting them in on your journey up to this moment are great strategies to make your wedding one to remember. After all, your wedding is all about you and should tell your story.”


If you want to find out more about those insider tips and tricks, head over to the Fable Studio Co website (here) and book in a chat with the creative team.