Our second Trend Report focuses on the ever important Signage. 2018 brings a host of even more creative ways to display signage. It’s no longer as simple as placing a foam core sign on a wooden easel with some flowers.  Neon and acrylic take centre stage this year, and there are so many creative options for display. Mesh panelling, self-standing and hanging a-frames, and ceiling installations are all options to ensure that your signage game is super strong this year.

1: Neon Neon Neon! 

Who doesn’t love a neon sign! There are endless opportunities for customisation with so many colours and backgrounds to choose from. You can let your creative juices flow! Plus, it makes the ultimate interior design statement in your home post-wedding. The gift that keeps on giving!

2: Acrylic Signage

You know we can’t get enough of acrylic  – for everything from signage to table numbers, seating charts and menus with handpainted or vinyl lettering. Expect to see acrylic taken to the next level this year with plenty of coloured tints and smokey effects.


3: Large round circle signs

2018 is all about the oversized circle sign. Whether they’re plywood, acrylic or even upholstery, it’s the perfect way to mark the entrance to your ceremony or reception. Dress them up with florals or a burst of neon, and get creative with framing and easels.

4: Mesh Panelling

Mesh Panelling creates a striking, modern backdrop whilst also being super practical. Perfect for hanging signage and showcasing florals, you can even layer your florals with transparent acrylic and vinyl lettering for a showstopping entrance feature.


5: Self-standing A-frames and Hanging A-frames

Once thought of as exclusively for rustic, bush weddings, A-frames are no longer just your standard wood. Breaking into the limelight with everything from gold perspex to copper piping, and dressed up with cascading florals, these elegant and slick a-frames are the perfect option for your wedding reception and photo booth.