We first met Liv at the last OFD Sydney in February where she showcased her beautiful work in the creative surroundings. Since then we have become a huge fan of her beautiful work and we love the passion she clearly puts into what she does. Liv has extensive experience in the fashion and wedding industries and with her international experience brings you the perfect option for your make up on your wedding day. We get to know Liv a bit better below so if you need makeup for your upcoming wedding you can visit her website here.What is your definition of one fine day?
A real fine day has to start having a fine big breakfast & coffee together with my man. I love to just walk around, taking photographs, exploring new places getting inspired.  Just hanging out and talking about new creative projects that we want to realize. These are always the best, rare days where we are having a whole day off together.

What inspired you to start your business?
Life, Love & Lipsticks! It simply felt like the most natural thing for me to do. I love what I do. The inspiration came from within. I am passionate about making women look their best and to celebrate their unique beauty by enhancing it with natural makeup.

What do you love about weddings?
Everything! Seriously there isn’t anything I don’t love about weddings. The people and their love stories are very inspiring to me.  Every wedding is different so there is never a dull moment.  I am a hopeless romantic and I just love being involved in such an important day filled with beauty.

Just quickly tell us your favourite:

Purple has been my all time favourite ever since I remember, but then there are seasonal colours that I love and that change all the time.
Right now I love cool colours and bright blues. Last year I couldn’t get enough of corals.

Coffee and Sparkling Water


Sydney! And NYC, which holds a very special place in my heart.

Three words to describe what you’ll be bringing to one fine day………….
A big smile, a lot of good energy and a bag of fun!


Liv at work!! :)

For more information on Liv visit her website here and send her some love at her facebook page here.